What Is An Embedded PC?


In the modern world of business, an embedded PC can be found across a wide assortment of industries and applications. From digital signage to home appliances, this versatile computer system is a necessity in this day and age. Yet what actually is an embedded PC?

What is an embedded PC?

When you see “PC” or “computer”, you may feel that an embedded system operates similarly to an ordinary desktop. However, while there are similarities between the two, an embedded PC has certain qualities and characteristics that make them much more suitable for certain situations.

For a start, an embedded PC is not utilized as a standalone computer. Instead, it typically plays a role within a larger system or device. Additionally, this role is often only to complete one specific task and function.

Due to being utilized in everything from robotics to in-vehicle computing, embedded computers have to be versatile in their construction. This is why you can find these PCs in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Military equipment can use large systems to meet their demands, whereas a relatively light process, like collecting and relaying data, could benefit from a tiny ARM-based embedded device.

The advantages of using an embedded PC

Due to their unique construction, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that embedded computers possess a wealth of advantages. This is the case when you purchase an embedded PC that is assembled with industrial-grade components and customized to your exact requirements.

Built to last

As embedded computers are intended to be used in industrial settings where harsh conditions can occur, they are built to last. They incorporate industrial-grade components – such as fanless cooling – that ensure they can provide stable operation in extreme temperatures, be protected against debris and dust, and not be affected by vibration.

Low maintenance

Extending on from the previous point, the construction of an embedded PC also results in it being a low-maintenance system. These computers are intended to supply uninterrupted operations on a 24/7 basis. This added reliability ensures you don’t have to be continually fixing or tinkering with an embedded system.

Configured to your needs

When you purchase an embedded PC from the right supplier, it is possible to get this system customized to meet your exact demands. This means you won’t have to compromise or try to configure the system on your own. The result: you receive a computer that’s ready to go straight out of the box.

Affordable in more ways than one

As an embedded PC is usually only designed to perform a solitary function, this naturally lowers the design and build cost – particularly when matched against all-in-one systems. As an embedded PC typically uses less power, this also leads to you saving money on your energy bills.

The necessity for embedded computers

Many different industries across the planet employ embedded computers. They have become an integral component in the way the world works, and it’s impossible not to encounter a device or system that utilizes this technology

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