How Do I Set Up My ATT Net Email On My Android?

2022-01-05by AleenaGhose

Att mail is a good know platform for the email service provider. But many Android users don't know how to set up att.net email settings for android. So to know this read the blog till last.

How to set up At&t email settings on a smart device?

  • open the web browser and search for att email.
  • Now you will come to the homepage of att.
  • After that on the homepage search for att.net mail login.
  • After doing the login process. Then go to the menu option.
  • In the menu you will see an option of adding a new account.
  • After that opt other. By doing this again they will ask you to put your mail address and password.
  • In the login section below that there will be a written email setting.
  • Press that then choose IMAP server
  1. For the incoming server, the port will be 993
  2. For the outgoing server, the port will be 465.
  • pop3 server settings
  1. Inbound server port should be 993
  2. The outbound server port should be 465.

By doing this process your att mail setting on the device will be completed.

How-to access At&t from the basic mobile phone?

  • Open the webpage and search for currently.com email settings
  • Then you will come to the homepage of att then you will see a mail symbol.
  • Press on that. Then they will ask you to put your login details. And you can access att now.
  • If you want that you should always be login then. While putting password and username mark on the remember. By this, you will directly come to your mails when you will tap on the mail symbol.
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