What Is Data Virtualization?

2021-09-21 by Editor

Whether you're operating a small business or an enterprise-scale organization, proper data management and analytics can lead the way for actionable insight. With the proper software and tools, these real-time analytics are allowing business owners and operators to make smarter decisions at a greater turnaround. Through data virtualization, companies of all sizes are learning to take advantage of the assets at their disposal to guide them to a path of success.

Data Virtualization


If you aren't sure about what different data sources are at your disposal, or how to get started, just type 'what is data virtualization?' into a search engine to get into this world. Data virtualization creates a bridge across multiple data sources by bringing critical decision-making data together in one platform with a standardized format. One set format allows for quicker data integration and transparency within real-time data. This is a modern data layer that enables users to access, combine, and deliver datasets faster than ever before and without the need for physical data warehousing. Data virtualization software gives easier and immediate access to data housed throughout big data sources and cloud systems.

Proper data virtualization of a source system can inform business decisions that change data governance, allowing for safe and secure control of data services. By handling these varied sources with the proper formats, each query can highlight specifics as to what analysts are trying to find within a given data layer. This saves time and effort combing through a massive database with the help of business intelligence tools.

Functions of Data Virtualization


Data virtualization tools come with self-service access to critical data, which makes it available in a cost-effective manner. Most data virtualization implementations start small and expand. This lets data services operators get in on the ground level, branching out access and data integration as the number of sources and access points increases for an organization. Analysts in charge of handling data from multiple use cases need the ability to control their workload while completing tasks in a reasonable amount of time to address the technical details of each project.

Data virtualization technology addresses challenges involving multiple data sources and real-time information to make sure virtual views come with a chance at discovering a hidden gem of information to better business decisions. Master data management analysts prioritize virtuality based on business value and integration. A data lake can prove to have greater business value as it continues to expand. Data virtualization, and those business users who operate within the platform, can make choices away from a physical location with the immediacy of someone who is in the room.

Uses of Data Virtualization


Multiple sectors of the business world can take advantage of a data virtualization platform. The communications and technology sector uses data virtualization solutions to optimize customer care, building virtual data storage capabilities to enable personalization to drive revenue and improve insights. In the energy industry, available data through this virtualization software can identify issues that could be hindering upstream production, while also providing details that could improve maintenance and repair within data analytics.

In the financial services field, the credentials of a data virtualization dashboard can improve client onboarding. This empowers data democracy and enriches cash management clients. Within the health care and pharmaceutical industries, data virtualization solutions help to drive new product innovation, and we've learned just how impactful that can be throughout this pandemic. This also branches into the insurance sector, now able to address claims quicker and improve patient care. Data virtualization technology is easier than ever to access, and with the right integration and formats, the smallest of businesses can put themselves in a better place for expansion.

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