What Is React Native Apps? Updated Guide For 2021

2021-07-16 by walter smith

React Native is a JavaScript library that allows app developers to create an application that looks, feels, and performs closely like a Native application. It works on the same fundamental UI structure as usual Android and iOS apps. All you need to do is just put the structure together with the help of JavaScript and React. And The most interesting part is that it works similarly to the concept for building cross-platform apps. 

The fundamental of React Native is to induce React to mobile apps. and it is based on studying once and implementing anywhere. And one great option that outshined for cross-platform app development is React Native. It is developed and supported by Facebook but is currently being used by some of the world’s leading brands including Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, Uber Eats, Discord, Wix, and more.

Why React Native apps over Hybrid/Native apps?

There is no doubt that Native apps deliver the best performance. But, it is expensive because it requires two apps - iOS & Android. The use of a single codebase makes it faster and cheaper.

Hybrid apps are cheaper because a single set of codes is required. They come with restricted functions and render poor performance.

Why is React Native App Development Company so popular?

The popularity can be accredited to its superior and adaptable access. Developers can work into cross-platform technology without studying a different language. This is one of the points for its enthusiastic response from developers. 

From the business viewpoint, React Native app development company is a significant solution. Since you can develop a robust app in a short duration. Companies opt for basic apps with excellent design and sound performance. But, for them, the problem with this is that it takes more time and is expensive. React Native apps solves the problem by offering budget-friendly solutions without compromising on anything. 

Some of the key highlights of React Native app development:

  • It is an open-source framework best for hybrid app development.

  • It offers a broad variety of native-like UI elements.

  • 80 to 90% of codes consist of JSX and JavaScript code.

  • With one app one can target multiple app platforms. Like Android, iOS, Web, or Windows. 

    Why choose React Native?

    Renowned brands are on top of their game. Along with lesser developmental expenses and faster delivery time, it provides many more benefits. Some of the benefits of React Native App development company are:

    • Speed and Performance

    React Native uses Graphics Processing Unit which enables it to offer robust speedy results.

    • Reusable Code

    Code reusability is one of the best benefits of using React Native development. It is component-based and supports the building of website apps and native Android/iOS apps by reuse codes with ease. If an organization chooses to approach an app development company for its mobile app, it will reduce the time and cost.

    • Agile Development

    It also supports third-party plugins and reacts components that expedite the development process.

    • Live Reload

    React native has a Live Reload feature that lets one see the current changes even after they have been done.

    • Source

    It is an open-source structure that is economical when compared to native app development. 

    • Technology

    React Native apps support the community. React Native is an open-source platform, one can share codes. And they can get recognition. Eg, Facebook shares techniques and best solutions.  

    • User Interface

    React Native offers the simplest interface. In the mobile app development process, following a pattern of steps is a mandate. Simple user experience, Responsive layout, are the advantages of using React Native.

    • Product Development

     We monitor that app development continues even after the launch. From helping the client transforming their ideas into businesses.  

    How does React Native work?

    To understand the functioning of React Native, we'll divide it into three sections-  javascript, native, and the bridge.

    The main thread on the native side is called the UI thread. The thread is employed to perform the UI in Android or iOS. It deals with showcasing details of the user interface and other UI events such as touch, press, etc.

    On the Javascript side, there is a Javascript thread that is particular for React Native. From here javascript codes are implemented. And API calls are performed, etc. It specifies the layout and highlights of the UI.

    These two threads communicate through a bridge. And this is the heart of React Native structure. The bridge helps in two-way communication between Javascript and native. Also, transfer communications in an optimized manner.

    Who is using React Native?

    Nothing beats practical cases. These famous apps have been built on React Native:

    • Facebook And Facebook Ads

    As mentioned above also, React Native was a part of Facebook’s project. It was originally developed for iOS app development. But later prolonged for Android as well. Facebook Ads used React Native for android for the first time. It resulted in lightning-speed smooth animations. To check the effectiveness of React Native, the tech team transformed the Events Dashboard on Fb for the iOS app. It showed outstanding performance enhancement, and with this, it became twice as fast as the previous one.

    • Instagram

    Instagram also took a big step when they took the decision to move their app to newer technology. They started with small but later moved the whole app to the platform.

    • Walmart

    Walmart also revised its app to enhance the customer experience. React native helped their app perform fast and smoothly. 

    Airbnb, Myntra, Skype, Pinterest, UberEats, Pinterest, KFC, etc are some other renowned apps that implemented React Native app development for their businesses. 


    If you look into the reviews for React Native, it is overall positive. It increases the speed of mobile app development. If you are looking for a mobile app for your business, we would highly recommend adopting React Native App development company.

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