Elements Of A Great Business Website

2021-02-24by Jenna Cyprus

You’ve found the perfect web hosting platform, and you’re now ready to build your first business website.  Building a website that really makes an impact on your business takes some inside knowledge.  

You have to know how to grab the attention of users, but more importantly, you need to know how to design pages that hold the attention of web users.  Start learning a little about the basics of a great business website design now, and check out a few of the most important elements of a strong design.  

Stationary navigation setup

One of the main goals of a good business website design is simplicity.  Overcomplicating your pages will throw users off, and they’ll move on to another similar site.  

Navigation is an important part of a cohesive design. Make sure users understand how to move around on your website by adding a familiar element to your design. This online gun store selling AR-15 rifles makes it easy to shift gears if you choose to look for another weapon design.  

Products and services 

The way you display your products and services makes a big difference in the efficiency of your website as well.  Your products and services pages should be self-explanatory in their design.  

Make sure consumers know how to find the products they need and give them a few extra options to go along with their initial purchase too.  Complimentary items could boost the total of your sales along the way.  

Elements of communication

If you can get passing users to communicate (or leave their email address) with your business during their exploration of your website, that’s just icing on the cake.  You can use the connection to start building rapport for future sales.  

Use your website design to build your email mailing list.  Add the ability to leave a comment after every new blog post, and make sure there are plenty of phone numbers available for customers to call.  

Mobile optimization

There’s a huge portion of online users that don’t use their laptop or PC to access the internet.  It’s important to understand this fact, because traditional design methods don’t account for the change in function.  

Mobile optimization on your pages will give mobile users a chance to explore your content without constantly pinching and swiping their screen to try and see your website.  

Design for speedy loading 

Speed is everything in business, and it’s definitely a top priority online.  People don’t want to sit around waiting for your pages to load, so make sure they don’t have to.  

Test your pages for proper loading speeds, and keep the media you incorporate light.  Higher quality images don’t have to cause lag for visiting users.  

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