Innovative Mobile App UI/UX Trends For Upcoming Years

2021-01-13by Zubair Hassan

The mobile app design has become a crucial element in mobile app success. With evolving technology and more focus on user experience, the importance of design is extended a lot in recent times. Entrepreneurs and businesses who look forward to launching their mobile app must cater to the latest insights on UI/UI design trends. Focusing on user experience can change the whole app experience and lead it the success in the market.

Investing in the UI design of a mobile app keeps users interested in the brand, makes their shopping journey easy, and increases the return on investment. Good design and user experience help businesses succeed through the app, its performance, and functions to form an impression. The following are some of the newest features that are being added to the latest mobile apps and help businesses earn greater benefits.


User Onboarding

Users onboarding is the first step of an app journey for a user. It gives the first impression to the user as well. The registration screen that appears at the beginning of an app refers to the user onboarding. The sign up needs to be simple, easy, and quick.

Onboarding can consist of a simple username and password requirement. The ability to sign up with social media accounts make it more user friendly and convenient.

An effective impact, in the beginning, can help establish brand credibility, which, as a result, enhance user acquisition and retention.


Biometric login

One of the rising UI/UX app designs that add another level of security to apps is password-less sign-ups or biometric logins. It also limits the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for apps that are used daily.

Many applications are already utilizing password-less logins in their mobile UI design. For instance, WhatsApp added a fingerprint scanner, allowing users to keep their conversations private. Banking and finance apps are other real-world examples with biometric logins or OTPs (one-time passwords) that ensure only authorized personnel can access confidential details.


Voice Interactions

Voice interaction is increasingly growing. There are a lot of those who use voice search instead of text. So, where voice search optimization is getting a hold on grounds, voice interaction in the mobile app is also becoming the new digital industry trend.

Since users have transformed from keypads to the era of voice-controlled personal assistants, including SIRI, Alexa, Bixby, and Google Assistant, many mobile app development companies find it essential to include this feature in their app. Voice integrations offer added convenience by allowing users to speak up words instead of typing text on the screen and improving the user experience.


Whitespaces is another growing component in the mobile app design. It supports minimalism in the app design and makes the app simple and easy for users. Whitespaces highlight the content and make the app experience clean and quick for new users as well. The more a user finds it difficult to use the app, the worse their user experience becomes. To offer a better user experience, whitespace is essential in today's' mobile app design.


Artificial intelligence

AI and AI-enabled technology is growing every day at a rampant pace.  AI can be seen everywhere, from chatbots and digital assistants to home assistance and security. For this very reason, it has become a  vital element for the mobile app interface to make the user experience better.

AI helps designers grab tons of data that they can use to personalize the app for different user demographics. AI male it easy for users to get a personalized experience. The more users use an app, the more personalized features they can make use of. This ultimately improves user experience,  boosts conversions, and bring engagement for businesses.


Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR and VR inclusion have been observed in many of the popular apps in recent times. This technology is on the rise in mobile UI/UX trends.

AR enables users to get a fresh perspective that helps e-commerce apps like Ikea, Sephora, etc. IKEA mobile app has AR integration that enables users to examine how a piece of furniture or décor would look in the space where users want to place it.



Chatbots are one of the fastest-growing technology for improving customer service in different areas. Therefore, the chatbot UI design must deliver accurate data to users and be easy to use, supporting different languages, emoticons, and text structures.


Face Recognition Login

Many upcoming apps are including a face ID login feature. Some old apps are also updating their app feature with this functionality in their app. It is a biometric login system that is getting popular these days. Instead of writing passwords, drawing patterns, or fingerprint scanning, log in through face recognition is the latest logging system for many apps.

We all know that Face ID is not new, and it was the part of many smartphone years back. However, mobile app developers are tirelessly working from back then to improve it for accuracy and a better experience. There are also some controversies revolve that it might not be the most secure password-less login system. The truth can be learned only through some observation and researches that definitely requires spending more time with these technologies.


Dark Themes

Dark theme feature is another growing mobile app UX design trend. It is an alternative interface for apps that displays dark screens instead of the standard light background. It typically helps boost the user experience at night to reduce eye strain. Also, this interface supports battery usage due to the reduced brightness level.


Final Words

Users experience one of the basic elements in making a good design of your app. Therefore, some of the best app design of years back still stay most relevant in the new era. The design that makes users satisfies is the one most in demand at all times.

On the other hand, the advancement of technology such as artificial intelligence and high-speed internet makes it achievable for several trends to emerge, including interactive elements and data-driven content. Conclusively, the best approach to improving mobile UI and UX design is staying updated about the latest design trends.


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