4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A VPN

2020-10-12 by Kelly Reed

Are you in the market for a virtual private network (VPN)? A VPN is key if you want a secure and private line of communication when online. It proves to be a necessity if you’re using public Wi-Fi, traveling to a foreign country where sites such as Facebook are blocked, or in privacy sensitive institutions like banks.

No matter your reasons, it can be difficult to ascertain which VPN server to choose and whether or not you need one. It doesn’t help that there are countless VPN vendors on the market. To help narrow down your search, it’s wise to go through different VPN reviews. Here you can get a list of vendors worth considering, while gaining valuable insight on the product. Ask yourself the following questions to help pick the right one for your needs.


Why Do You Need VPN?

Before you start looking for a VPN, establish why you need it. Below are a few scenarios and recommendations:

  • Is it for your home or company? Router- based VPNs are more suited for homes while you’ll need one designed for multiple connections for your business.
  • Do you need to stream online movies? You’ll need one with high speeds for fast streaming.
  • Do you need it for regular traveling? A VPN with exceptional security is highly recommended


Which Devices Will Suit the VPN?

The majority of VPNs are compatible with all interfaces such as Windows, Android and Mac, but this doesn’t apply to all VPNs. Some aren’t compatible with all platforms, so you need to double check compatibility to make sure it serves your list of gadgets and browsers.

Along with compatibility, it’s wise to check the number of devices which can be connected to the network simultaneously. Some VPNs only allow you to connect a maximum of one or two devices while others allow for an unlimited number of connections.


Is the VPN User-Friendly?

Not all VPNs are user-friendly. In fact, you’ll come across a number with complex configurations and setups. Trying to navigate the platform can prove to be a challenge. If you aren’t tech savvy, opt for VPNs with easy-to-use dashboards and customer support or tutorials for when you get stuck.


What’s the Payment Plan?

Needless to say, VPNs come at different costs. Aside from a cheap VPN, you can even come across a free one. If you decide to go the paid option route, find out the payment plan offered. Is it done anonymously or via gift cards? The idea is to avoid uploading your personal information online where possible to prevent possible hacking. The less personal information you need to give, the better.


Final Words

It’s important to ask yourself the four mentioned questions so that you pick the right VPN suited to your needs. Remember to pay attention to online reviews and ratings before making your pick. And remember to pick one with a readily accessible customer service team to attend to your queries when necessary. Live chat support is the best way to go!

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