6 Reasons Why VueJS Is Important For Web Development

2020-07-27 by Ani Ray

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For more than two decades, Javascript has been playing a crucial role in providing businesses with the opportunity of creating an interactive web page, for their consumers. Javascript helps the clients and servers to function in tune and with ease.


This technology empowers developers with the ability to make use of modern technology. VueJS undoubtedly stands out of the list of several Javascript frameworks, because of its easy learning curve and scalability.


VueJS, which launched in the year 2014, for public use was originally created by an ex-Google employee named Evan You. This framework, over time, has received over 76 million likes on Github for its smooth interfaces and functions.


Before getting to know about the reasons why the decision to hire VueJS developers or spend money on VueJS development services, for developing web applications is a wise decision, it is important that you are informed about why VueJS is important.


Why is VueJS Important?

When you are planning to create a user interface, using a framework, then it is very crucial that the framework you are making use of is reliable, secure, and technologically advanced. This proves profitable and beneficial for both the customers and the business owners. Hiring a VueJS development company to build a powerful website, will let you stay on par with technological trends. This will also make sure that you maintaining speed with your competitors.


Why is VueJS the Best Choice?


  • Very Small Size

 One of the major reasons why VueJS has garnered so much popularity in the world of technology is its minuscule size. This characteristic has made it attractive to most of the users. It comes at a size of around 18 to 21 KB, which takes users almost no time to download and start using it.


However, its size does not in any way act as a hindrance to its speed and functionality. This powerful combination of high speed and small size makes it a better choice than other heavier frameworks like ReactJS and EmberJS.


  • Easy To Use

This is another very crucial feature which has drastically impacted the popularity of VuesJS. It is very easy for developers to develop applications, using VueJS. VueJS can be added to any project with almost no hassle and the development of both small and large scale templates can be done without any wastage of time.


  • Flexible

The flexibility of VueJS is one of the biggest contributors to making it one of the most used frameworks in the world today. VueJS offers developers a wide variety of tools, which has drastically eased their process of development. There also exists a provision for PWAs or Progressive Web Apps, which can be accessed and configured very easily.


  • It is Progressive

VueJS is regarded as being progressive because this framework can conveniently be introduced into a developer’s code. After which the developer can work on the application part by part, which accordingly makes the entire process manageable.


  • It Is Future-proof

 After you have released your business application to the public, it is your responsibility to make sure that the applications remain bug-free and is updated whenever a new feature needs to be added. VueJS makes sure that you can manage an application with ease. It also affirms that a particular application is backward compatible.


  • It is Immensely Popular

Even though at first glance, it doesn’t sound like a reason, actually it is. When you see well-known websites are using a particular framework, you become confident about its quality. VueJS is being used by mammoth companies like Netflix, Facebook, Adobe, Grammarly, Xiaomi, and Gitlab.


The Bottomline


All in all, VueJS development services have the potential to grow into even a more powerful and feature-rich framework in the future. It is a relatively new framework, which, in very little time has gathered immense popularity.


As a business owner, you need to always stay updated to stay ahead of your competition, and choosing VueJS for your front-end web development projects will help you do so.

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