How Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, And Technology Are Being Used To Fight The Coronavirus Pandemic?

2020-07-02 by Lakshmi N

Coronavirus, a crown virus that causes large shutdowns and chaos. With the rising numbers of instances every day, the situation is without a doubt alarming.

China, being the epicenter of this infection, has leaned on technology like artificial intelligence (AI), data science to fight against the pandemic.

As a result, tech startups are integrally involved with clinicians, academics, and government entities around the world to activate technology innovation because the virus keeps on spreading to many different international locations.


Right, here are 10 methods of AI, data science and technology are being used to control and fight COVID-19.

1. AI to pick out, track and forecast outbreaks

·  The better we can track the virus, the better we will fight against the pandemic. 

By analyzing news reports, social media platforms, and government files, AI can discover ways to hit upon a virulent disease.

·  Monitoring infectious sickness risks by the use of AI is precisely the service of Canadian startup blueDot provides. In reality, the bluedot’s AI warned of the hazard several days earlier than the centers for sickness management and prevention or the world health corporation issued their public warnings.


2. AI to assist diagnose the virus

·  Artificial intelligence organization infervision launched a coronavirus AI solution that helps the front-line healthcare workers locate and screen the disease efficiently.

·  Imaging departments in healthcare facilities are being taxed with the extended workload created by means of the virus. This answer improves ct diagnosis velocity.

·  Chinese language etrade giant Alibaba additionally built an AI-powered diagnosis machine they declare it is 96% correct at diagnosing the virus in seconds.


3. Technique healthcare claims

·   A blockchain platform provided by Ant economy allows accelerated claims processing and reduces the amount of face-to-face interplay between patients and hospital staff.

4. Drones supply scientific supplies

·  One of the most secure and quickest ways to get medical supplies wherein they need to move for the duration of an ailment outbreak is with drone shipping.

·  Drones are also used to patrol public spaces, single non-compliance to quarantine mandates, and for thermal imaging.

5. Robots sterilize, supply meals and elements and carry out other obligations

·  Robots aren’t prone to the virus, so they are being deployed to complete many tasks consisting of cleansing, sterilizing, handing over food, and medicinal drugs to lessen the quantity of human-to-human contact.

·  UVD robots from blue ocean robotics use ultraviolet light to autonomously kill microorganisms and viruses. In China, pudu technology deployed its robots which might be commonly used within the catering enterprise to extra than 40 hospitals around the country.

6. Develop drugs

·  Google’s Deepmind department used its contemporary AI algorithms and its computing energy to recognize the proteins that might make up the virus and posted the findings to assist others to broaden treatments.

7. Advanced fabric offer safety

·  Agencies consisting of Israeli startup Sonovia hope to arm healthcare structures and others with face masks made from their anti-pathogen, antibacterial cloth that is based on metallic-oxide nanoparticles.

8. AI to identify non-compliance or infected individuals

·   At the same time as clearly an arguable use of generation and AI, China's state-of-the-art surveillance device used facial recognition technology and temperature detection software program fromSenseTimeto become aware of those who might have a fever and be much more likely to have the virus.

·   Similar technology powers "smart helmets" utilized by officers in Sichuan province to pick out humans with fevers. The Chinese language government has additionally advanced a monitoring device referred to as health code that uses large facts to discover and assesses the hazard of every character based on their journey history, how much time they have spent in virus hotspots, and the ability exposure to human beings sporting the virus.

·  Citizens are assigned a color code (red, yellow, or green), which they could get admission to via the popular apps WeChat or Alipay to signify if they ought to be quarantined or allowed in public.

9. Chatbots to percentage statistics

·  Tencent operates WeChat, and people can get admission for free online fitness consultation services through it. Chatbots have additionally been a vital communication tool for service vendors in the travel and tourism industry to maintain visitors updated at the latest tour methods and disruptions.


10. Supercomputers operating on a coronavirus vaccine

·  The cloud computing assets and supercomputers of numerous essential tech businesses which include Tencent, DiDi, and Huawei are being utilized by researchers to fast-track the improvement of a treatment or vaccine for the virus.

·  The speed of these structures can run calculations and a model solution is a whole lot faster than widespread laptop processing. In a worldwide pandemic including COVID-19, technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science have turned out to be essential factors for the societies to correctly cope with the outbreak.

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