All You Need To Know About Windows Shared Hosting

2020-06-22 by Aditi Arora

Windows shared hosting is shared site hosting which utilizes a Windows operating system. Windows hosting is not for everybody, but it features some special benefits for the companies that it is a fantastic fit for. Windows has become the most popular operating system easily on earth.


The Windows program is familiar and using it is simple for countless individuals around the globe. If your company is dependent upon numerous other Windows tools, then picking a web hosting platform which plays fine with the several other software products and options you rely on will make your life simpler. Windows Shared Hosting worked well with most tools and allowed you to work better.


Though, the operating system in the shared hosting is not even close to the operating system that we have on our personal computers or laptops.


An Introduction to Shared Hosting


Each site online is saved -- or hosted' -- onto a host (a kind of pc ). This is the way it gets publicly accessible to users. Whenever a person surfing the internet types the URL of a website in his/ her browser, then the browser finds storage of the website through that address.


Then, the browser asks for information concerning the site by the server. The server supplies all the essential information, along with the webpage looks in the browser. After this, the consumer can visit the site, check out the website, fill the information, and may check other hyperlinks etc.


Shared Hosting allows a single server to store the documents of many websites at the same time and is responsible for providing their information. Shared hosting enables multiple sites to use one server. Normally, you won't have any idea who or what sites you are discussing the resources of a host with.


Shared hosting can be easily the least expensive and most economical alternative for your requirements.

But, there are downsides also, since sites may wind up competing for funds.

The tiny financial investment and lack of maintenance conditions make this hosting a fascinating choice.




How to Choose an OS For Your Web Hosting Plan



Following points need to be kept in mind while choosing OS for your web hosting plan:


Consider the Platform That Will be Used on Your Website:


Just like the applications, site creation platforms have compatibility with the Operating Systems too. Say, for example, a website built in PHP will need an operating system that is compatible with PHP. PHP is a widely used language thus compatible with both the OS but if you move ahead with languages like ASP, you will need Windows hosting servers.


Choose the OS That Suits Best:


When you decide on the Platform for the website, you are already a step ahead to decide the OS. Though the point to be noted here is, the OS of the PC does not have to do anything with the OS of the shared hosting.


Operating System vs language in the Website Hosting


You do not have to choose a hosting every time especially if you are using the services to create your site. For example, Wordpress, Wix etc. When you go for such services, the service providers make sure that the necessary environment exists and that the hosting has already been configured!



Other Factors Like Goal of the Website, The kind of Presence You Want on the Internet Etc.


Your website can be a tool to showcase your work and act as a portfolio whereas, a website can also work as a visiting card and draw the clients to you, you can also create a website to inform the clients about your brand. The purpose of the website defines the hosting as the ability to handle traffic among the other features is of utmost importance!


When and Why to Consider Windows Shared Hosting


Shared Windows hosting must be chosen in the following conditions:


  1. If you want to use databases based on MS-SQL, .NET core or ASP.NET on the website. As all of them requires a Windows operating system on the server.
  1. If you use Plesk to manage your website on any browser or to manage your Windows hosting account.
  2. If you are a beginner, windows shared hosting is easier to set up. Take the instance of DNS setup which can be very difficult to set up with Linux shared hosting but it is a breeze when windows shared server is used.
  3. Many security patches have been developed for windows hosting servers.
  4. Windows is very easy to update. This can be very simple. One can even compare this to the simplicity of updating your laptop or desktop.
  5. Though some updates require a reboot of the server but in windows shared hosting, the service providers ensure there is no downtime to your website.
  6. It is comfortable to work with as the users are comfortable with windows as it is mostly used on desktops and laptops.
  7. Windows shared hosting plans are very affordable and are available for even basic websites too.
  8. Some of the best windows shared hosting plans in India even offer reduced downtime.
  9. Cheap windows shared hosting plans from Wise Solution allows you to have flexibility in operations.




Choosing the shared hosting operating system is very important as it impacts the website in the long run. Shared hosting servers can be of two types- Windows shared Hosting and Linux shared hosting. Window shared hosting is great for beginners as it is easier to set up and configure.


If you are looking to set up a blog or a website that happens to be your first, go for windows shared hosting as it provides easier configuration with the applications and it is easy to set up too! Some companies provide cheap windows shared hosting plans which make it affordable and high on efficiency.

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