PWA Development Is A Cheaper And More Effective Alternative To Separate Native Apps For Ios, Android, And The Web

2020-05-19 by Amit Agrawal

According to the study, the number of smartphone users will reach 3 billion globally this year. In order to cater to the user requirement and their expectations, platforms are optimizing the best out of your online store. Some organizations are going the extra mile to deliver high-quality mobile applications that can enhance the customer experience.


The remarkable initiatives taken by the PWA Development company have progressed progressive web application's benefits in the big picture. PWA is held in an arena where it has taken the approach of midway between the web and mobile apps.

Develop An Understanding With Progressive Web Application

PWAs are identical with native applications however the only difference is they are available on browsers. The users can access features of Progressive web app development solutions across various devices without having any requirements to install the app. PWA designed to eliminate network connection barriers or inadequate storage concerns. Considering the supreme quality of mobile applications, PWA provides a secure and reliable customer experience. One of its incredible examples is Twitter that can be accessed through a mobile browser or via real-time notifications.


Progressive web application usually works as a website but it also provides native mobile experience to the users. This includes push notifications, screen responsive pages, offline workload, etc. The PWA has extended the utility of On Demand App Development with the help of cutting edge technology and web application limitations. PWA also means securing a share of interest and accessibility from business prospects. Features provided by these applications have made them ideal for various sectors that are willing to attain visibility with little development effort and cost.


Some of the incredible advantages of PWA are:


  • RELIABILITY- Loads instantly and never represents a website be down (even during the uncertain network conditions)
  • SPEED- It responds quickly to the customer interactions with its smooth animations and limited scrolling
  • ENGAGEMENT- It seems like a natural application on a device having an immersive customer experience


Why PWA Is Better Than Native App Or Alternatives?

PWAs are specially designed to enhance customer engagement with its unique features. If your platform is concerned with budget and accessibility then it can be an ideal option for you. you have to make sure that the applications remain incompatible with third-party solutions or geofencing. The React Native app development company in the same segment can prefer native applications if they are determined to provide high-quality seamless customer experience.


Native applications are quite expensive and they also require more development time as compared to PWA. The users are essentially required to install the applications from the App Store in order to access the same. All these features make negative applications less accessible and consume mobile space. On the other hand Progressive web app development can operate in offline mode and you can remain updated with real-time notifications. They are comparatively faster than the alternatives because it doesn't require a high level of coding and operating system expertise. The knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is enough for PWA.


The PWA Development company has made sure that the application remains easily accessible on your system. The possible reason behind this is they do not require installing the app and you will not have to deal with memory shortage. PWA at its core is a basic web application buildup and you can conduct it in a number of ways without additional investment. On the contrary, applications are likely to cost more than PWA. It is because developing them from scratch requires developer assistance that can cost higher.


Who Should Go For PWA

There are certain parameters that have to be concerned prior to choosing PWA for your organization. This includes:

  • If it is required to improve the brand image and Search engine optimization. PWA can help you reach maximum audiences with its updated website version.
  • If you have budget considerations or deadlines to follow then PWA is the best option. it requires less time and investment and you can easily hit the application to the market at earliest.
  • If you have just started your business and require a single application segment for the customers then it is advised to go for PWA. Because It doesn't imply downloading or installation and users can connect with push notifications.



The user case of native applications and progressive web applications differs based upon the platform-specific requirements. As the technology is evolving, the React Native app development Companies are emerging with the latest solutions to facilitate the cause. Both solutions have their versions of advantages and loopholes. PWA is best suitable for startups or small size businesses to deliver a personalized experience to their customers.

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