Digital Marketing Tips To Succeed In Web Hosting Business

2020-05-13by Catherrine Garcia

Web hosting market is growing and developing, budding with new opportunities for small scale web hosting providers. It can be a great time to invest yourself in establishing a web hosting business. There are so many dimensions to gratify in order to succeed as a small-scale hosting provider.

Web hosting is a very niche market. Once you are done setting up your infrastructure and creating a website, it is time to spread the word to the right ears. Web hosting companies use robust digital marketing strategies to promote their services among potential clients.

You or your marketer might have various opinions about how to strategize your marketing; whether content marketing is the way or you should focus on paid advertising. However, the times of one-to-many type marketing has gone. Digital marketing has opened doors to targeted and niche-based marketing. In this world anew, you must not leave any stones unturned and shall make each strata of marketing as a part of your strategy. You can gauge, based on your market research, in how much proportions your marketing strategy shall include these strata.

Many business owners initially invest a lot in procuring equipment and setting up the infrastructure. This leaves them with a bleak budget for marketing. Low-budget marketing is a possibility but considering the importance of marketing in taking your business to potential clients, any business owner must dedicate a specific and adequate budget for it.

We have consolidated 6 great digital marketing tips for you, this will enrich your marketing strategy and can lead your business to success.

1. Content is a strong pillar of digital marketing

Without creating relevant and engaging content, your strategy will always lack an important aspect to it. Creating content not only engages your visitor but also let them know that you know what you are doing and this is very important for them to build trust on you.

Keeping an active and engaging blog will ensure that you are visible in search engine results. It is a great way to boost your SEO. A lot of your first clients might come through the search engine results itself. This increases your chances of being promoted on social media and appear on other website’s content.

Good content engages your visitors and convert them into leads and eventually long-term customers.

2. Maintain an active mailing list

Your mailing list can be a treasure trove. Your mailing list is the ticket to converse with your clients on a one-to-one basis. By sharing relevant information, content, products etc. you can have an active relationship going on with your clients.

It is seen that mailing lists have 6 times the click through rates than social media posts. You have a gigantic chance of converting leads through your mailing list than social media platforms. You can use any email marketing platform to keep yourself organised and handle this task effortlessly.

3. Use free-products/giveaways to complete your strategy loop

Very few marketers share this but this is one of the most effective ways of expanding your mail list and wooing new customers. Create a giveaway product, a free info manual or a free eBook and share it with people who visit your website.

This is an effective way to let your visitors sign up for your mailing list. Since web hosting is a tricky subject, there’s no shortage of content you can create in this web hosting marketing space.

4. Explore affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is potentially a huge reservoir of opportunities. Unfortunately, small and medium sized companies have meagrely explored this possibility. There are so many websites and blogs on SEO, web hosting, WordPress, website creation etc. you can promote your business on these platforms using affiliate marketing.

You can tie up with bloggers to review your services, write about your products, display banner on their website or mention your business in their articles. This way, for each visitor that buy your services clicking through their websites, you pay them a certain commission.

5. Establish your quality through reviews

Before buying a web hosting, users do a lot of online research on the best hosting providers. Online reviews are one of the most popular sources of conversion for web hosting businesses. People generally like to compare and go extensively through the reviews before buying a hosting plan.

Make sure that you are positively reviewed on the most famous review sites. This will increase your chances of conversion. Do good enough research on which review sites your target audience visits. You can send them requests to write reviews by providing domains as well as servers to second your claims. It is advised to enter into a deal with the reputable review sites because you need to provide what they require for gaining desired visibility.

6. Promotional offers

It is highly popular to use coupons and vouchers during online purchase. This is an appealing factor to a lot of online customers. You can gain tremendously from offering extra discounts through coupons and vouchers to your clients.

This will spread positive words about you within the community and attract larger no. of leads. You can enter into agreement with online coupon sites for adding your coupons. It is advisable not to repeat coupons on same sites and use different sites for placing coupons.


With digital marketing, you have the necessary tools to go for targeted and niche-based marketing. Understand your audience in depth with their demographics, industries, interests etc. and frame your marketing strategy around these parameters.

Always avoid working with third-party marketing companies that do not understand the web hosting industry. Applying general marketing techniques will be a bleak and vague attempt.

We hope this article helped you broaden your vision on various strata of marketing you can assimilate to create the perfect strategy for you web hosting business.

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