How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping In The COVID-19 Era?

2020-04-29 by James Burns

The COVID-19 Coronavirus era began from its epicenter in China and has spread over all the cities and countries of the world. Might be there is no country which hasn’t got the effects of this life taking virus.


“The novel coronavirus to date has infected more than 30 lacs people out of which more than 2 lacs have died and 9 lacs are recovered.” All these figures are from the WHO reports.


The governments of all countries have imposed lockdowns due to which the economic activity has slowed throughout the world. In a very short period of 4 months, the COVID-19 has become the biggest challenge of the 21st-century.


As per the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the coming years would be difficult for the world economy as the economy will hit its worst after 2009.


Also, developing countries like India will have their lowest growth rate, i.e., 2.4% Furthermore, many will face the darkest time due to recession.


The one thing that is responsible for this virus is human migration!


However, for humans, nothing is impossible to overcome! Though the Coronavirus is a challenge, human intelligence is the key to win over these quarantine times.


The result of our intelligence now can be seen in the ways of fighting against COVID-19.


Not only the healthcare, police force, and the army are busy fighting it, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also busy in handling the crisis. 


Yes, there are many AI software development companies which are in action and combating this pandemic virus with the use of technology and data.


This article today is all about AI and how it is strengthening our fight against the virus that came from Wuhan to the rest of the world.

How Artificial Intelligence Technology Is Fighting Against Coronavirus?

Today, scientists are inspecting all options to battle the coronavirus pandemic, and artificial intelligence has proved itself as the human’s ace card.


Advancements in AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition / Text Recognition (STR), Data Analytics & Data Handling, Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, and Deep Learning are being used for contact tracing and vaccine development.


Here, in this article, we will tell you, “How AI is fighting COVID-19 era?”


Let’s begin!


AI-based Disease Surveillance

A Canada based AI development company, BlueDot is using machine learning and natural language processing AI technology to track the information about the coronavirus spread. Its system has proven to be quicker than the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO’s system in recognizing and reporting the spread of the virus.


In the last of December, BlueDot’s AI software was able to discover many unusual pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China. Furthermore, the software also predicted where the virus will head towards next.


AI is also being used to search those molecules which can treat Covid-19. The AI software here CT scans the lungs and helps the epidemiologists to track the disease inside a person’s body. Also, technology is aiding health forces to check the fever.

AI-enabled COVID-19 Bots

As the COVID-19 cases have grown drastically, the healthcare systems and healthcare response teams are unable to provide information to everyone.


Stallion.AI, which is a Canada based company, has built a multilingual virtual healthcare agent by using NLP artificial intelligence technology. This agent answers the questions related to COVID-19, gives only the reliable and factual information along with clear preventive guidelines, proven protection measures, etc.


Additionally, it also checks and monitors all the symptoms, and is able to advise individuals whether they need to take hospital facilities or a home quarantine.

Fever Detection Via Facial Recognition

AI-based Thermal cameras are in action everywhere to detect those people who have a fever. However, to operate this camera, you need a human operator. It has a multisensory technology which automatically detects individuals, their movements, recognizes their faces, and the mask on it.

Robots and Drones

Not only the above applications and software but for the sake of public, deployment of drones and robots is at mass scale. All this is to maintain strict social distancing because it is the only measure to avoid the virus’ spread.


MicroMultiCopter is a Shenzhen-based technology company, which has successfully lessened the transmission of coronavirus by the deployment of their drones in their citywide transport.

Research and Vaccination

Ai is proving itself equally in collecting data related to the virus pandemic and picking out a definitive cure for the virus. A British startup, Exscienta has hit the first human-trial of vaccines by leveraging AI technology.


It is the first company that presented a Drug Molecule to fight against Corona. And AI technology has helped them a lot in their research and vaccination.


There are chances that AI can lead to the development of antibodies and prove itself as a game-changer for finding the vaccines.


In the same way, DeepMind with Google is busy in creating structural protein models that would link with the virus to create antibodies inside the human body system.


“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, both are playing a number of important roles in this pandemic cycle.”


At the times when the efforts of people and companies should be valued, there are people raising questions like, “Should we rely on such independent technologies and their unimaginable speed of intelligence?”

Can We Trust AI Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence receiving overhyped feedback isn’t a new thing. In the past also, AI has received its share of negative comments. But people must not forget that human existence now needs quick solutions to combat Coronavirus.


And if AI is able to help us in these crucial pandemic times we must be thankful for it.


However, since it is an unproven technology for such pandemic times, trusting it from our heart is quite a difficult task. But, still, people should manage their expectations.


The only things that we can’t trust are the unfounded claims. But, we can question the companies about data and expertise of the applications and technologies in artificial intelligence machine learning.


There is no doubt that every top AI software development company in USA and the rest of the world is aiding the governments, health workers, police forces, etc. with better efforts and technologies.


“The White House in America has announced an initiative against COVID-1, which is a coalition of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Microsoft Research, Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, the National Library of Medicine, and Kaggle by Google.”


Lastly, at present artificial intelligence technology isn’t a threat to human existence, but COVID-19 Coronavirus is!

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