Web Hosting Vs. Word Press Hosting- Which One Is Good

2020-02-04 by Amanda Jerelyn

It is undoubtedly a difficult choice when it comes to choosing between the web hosting plans for a particular project. It gets very confusing very quickly as plan features don’t line up, terminology differs, and pricing can vary depending upon discounts and the project length. Web hosting can make a difference when it comes to business.

But all this may sound a bit stale to you. Because now, when you find yourself stuck in any such dilemma, you have a modern solution, just one search away – WordPress specific hosting plans.

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has powered millions of websites all around the world. Almost every hosting platform now offers a WordPress program in one form or the other. The famous site builder and content management tool is available free of cost to download, install, and use.

According to Forbes as said by WordPress itself, almost 75 million websites use the platform, with nearly more than 409 million people viewing a whopping 23.6 billion worth of pages every month.

Although, WordPress offers features free of cost and is easy to use, let’s see some broader category spectrums that differentiate WordPress hosting from a general web hosting platforms.

Comparison of web hosting vs. word press hosting

1.  Speed & Performance

There are a lot of variables involved when it comes to website speed on WordPress. Working on WordPress means sharing your server with other platform installations as well, so upgrades happen faster because of the following reasons:

  • The server’s resource usage becomes more predictable.
  • Server’s configuration can become more specific.

So this all may sound all great and efficient, but a disclosed secret about WordPress speed is that a user can do 90% of a specialized WordPress hosting plan on a standard hosting account that stays resilient against the commands.

2. Software & Bonus Features

If you already own a WordPress website, you already may understand that signing up for the platform is a no brainer. Many general website hosting providers don’t offer service, as well as the necessary support to keep your website working on it at an utmost level. However, they target many different features that WordPress still deems as relevant to its users. So, all in all, it depends upon your project and prototype, and you can choose the hosting domain yourself for the best.

3.  Configurations & Resource Allocation

As I mentioned above, the core difference between WordPress Hosting and general Web Hosting is mainly for the hosting company to know what would be running on the server. And as they know exactly what will be running on the server, WordPress can be allotted resources configured explicitly for it. Although, due to this, some features become useless like the auto-installation of standard plugins.  However, many are useful and worth the money. For example, SSL on WordPress requires many steps, so a hosting plan eases it out by providing a pre-configured setup. Similarly, a CDN speeds up content delivery and is not hard to integrate with WordPress but requires appropriate steps.

When it comes to standard Webhosting, it is like you are paying for the convenience of setup just like you would pay to buy dissertation online from a writing forum. The only difference that arises is, between a good site and a bad site because of security and 3rd party services.

4. Security & Vulnerabilities

WordPress security may seem complicated and scary, but it’s not how it looks. It is an inherently secure platform. However, its popularity takes the toll and threatens its security at times as a lot of people use it and can install plugin software that creates vulnerabilities. Securing your website is like saving yourself from cold through Premium Jackets. You know it is cold outside, but you can just become less exposed to it.

This is why it is recommended to apply necessary basic website precautions to protect them in case someone really tries to hack their way in when it comes to standard web hosting. Therefore, WordPress provides routine maintenance as they deal with all their accounts as one.

5.  Customer Service & Support

We all know WordPress is popular, free software to install and use. It has significantly increased its popularity and WordPress even might be replacing code. So it is safe to say that it does not come with a bundled professional support but asks you to pay for it.

It means that when you install WordPress, you are responsible for your own requirements. You have to rely on your own troubleshooting capabilities to deal with any issue if it arises. However, the choice here is still about paying for convenience. A standard web hosting protocol would let you put your own system together, whereas WordPress hosting will give you a choice to pay for it.

Bottom Line – Which One Is Better?

Just like one can’t decide whether Wordpress.org is more compatible or Wordpress.com. Similarly, there is no fixed deciding factor that plays over general Webhosting to WordPress hosting. Both platforms serve well to its users with specific needs and are excellent in their own web hosting domains. In short, it is just about a choice of convenience over control. And you’ll be glad to decide for yourself.

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