Top 10 Real-Time Uses Of Python Development Language In Online Business

2019-11-27 by James Burns

The only top-level or high-level language ruling the tech industry from a long period of time is Python development. Python development language also by a phrase, “A language that can never die.”


The reason behind its never stopping fast growth is the with which it easily excel in various industry domains.


Python designed by Guido Van Rossum is an interpreted object-oriented programming language that got initial release in 1991.


Many top custom software development companies in USA who uses Python online are able to perform several tasks. The uses of Python language make big differences in the work and keep the bottom line at priority.

Some Best Python Features

Uses for Python programming is possible due to its features like built-in data structures, rapid application development, dynamic typing, debugging, interpreting, etc. As it is an open-source language, it is easily available though it is hard to learn!


It also supports cross-platform operating systems efficiently and effectively to make applications. Some globally known examples of uses for Python are YouTube, DropBox, BitTorrent, etc.


Here in this article, we are going to tell the top 10 real-time uses of Python development language in online businesses are as follows.


Let’s begin!

Uses Of Python In Web Development

Uses of Python in web development are great. One can create the best web applications because python uses its best frameworks.


"Best Python Frameworks: Django, Pyramid & Flask"


Making these frameworks use backend logics where a number of libraries integrate HTTPS, SSL, FTP protocols. Also, it processes JSON, XML, E-Mail and many other things.

Some uses of Python development languages are web applications, mobile app development, network programming, software development, scientific & numeric applications, interfacing graphics, data integration applications, and the list continues.

Creates Standard Library For Applications

Due to a robust and large standard Python library, developers prefer it to create applications. The procedure of creating standard libraries of applications uses Python online and for this, there are types of different modules available especially for python.


These Python modules actually helps in adding more functionalities but without writing any code. If you want to find more information on modules, then refer to Python documentation at Python’s sites.


These documentations will help in creating applications! Thus, creating a library and module for any application, Python is a must which you can use them in real-time.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AI, machine learning, and deep learning are some advanced technologies that are being implemented in many applications worldwide. And Python plays an important role in integrating them into the backend of the online applications.


As compared to last year's data, in 2019 users of Python for web development grew by 26%. On the other hand, users of Python language for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning grew by 37%.


Due to Python’s resourceful libraries and data handling capacity Python usage will grow more on a real-time basis in the near future.

Python Helps Game Development

Python is highly interactive and plays a great role in the game development industry. The libraries such as PySoy and PyGame helps in creating games.


PySoy is a 3D game engine that supports Python 3, while the PyGame simply provides library and functionality for game development.


“Thus, some of the games that use Python are Disney’s Toontown Online, Civilization-IV, Vega Strike, etc.”

Fintech Can’t Live Without Python!

It is an industry which got a huge hype in the last 10 years. Since the starting of this industry Python programming language has been its primary resource.


Fintech refers to the financial technology that turned financial transactions easier with a few clicks. Fo finance and banking sectors, Python has proven to be cost-effective in planning, optimizing, and executing functionalities in financial services.


As it is a very crucial industry, a single error can cause us to lose more money. May this is the reason why Fintech trusted Python over any other high-level development language.

Python, Data & Data Analyst

Nowadays, for online businesses data is money. More data a python development company in USA get, with the help of software, they calculate risks only to increase profits.


“There are Python libraries that are able to extract information and collect data. Those libraries are Pandas and NumPy.”


Even data visualization is possible with Python upon using data libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn that plot graphs. This is the reason why Python is so important to become a Data Scientist.


"Nick Kolakowski who is a renowned data analyst says that the only language to open the key to the future of Data Science in Python.”

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is all about developing wireless sensor networks using real-time data analytics, big data analytics, and cyber-physical systems. Python is the only language that ideally excels all these factors and enhance the IoT development.


“Python has the ability to make an object work as an electronic gadget if used Raspberry Pi.”


The smart homes, cars, watches, speakers, virtual assistants, and smart machines in the industries are some of the bright examples of Python and IoT.

Python Access Databases

Python in real-time accesses the database easily, customize the interfaces of different databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and other databases.


Durus and ZODB are two object databases of Python which are a free download and used for standard database API.

Python Reads The Code Easily

Python code is easy to read and maintain as it is reusable. The code’s simple syntax allows to develop other concepts without writing any additional code. The code is real-time, good quality, simplified and is used to develop a software application.


That’s why the code readability feature of Python is a great feature that helps in real-time building of custom applications. Also, it is procedural and increase productivity.


Well also, Python is grateful for mobile app development!


There exist a variety of applications where Python can be used, No matter what it is, Python will never fail you, That’s why it is best over other programming languages.

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