Top Web Development Trends For Business Growth In 2020

2019-11-14 by Birendra Kumar

In order to engage and ensure higher sales, most companies prefer to remain up-to-date with the latest trends in the web domain. These website development trends provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience pool for increased business outreach, and higher generation of sales of products & services.

There are some exciting new website development trends that will be at the forefront of the 2020s. How will the 2020s be for the overall look and feel of websites? What technologies and platforms will rule over the web dev scene now and in the next decade? These major trends are running supreme and will continue to grasp the global Website Development industry.

Let’s explore the web development trends that are prevalent now and will remain a priority in the future years. 

Alerts started out as an easy way for a call to action from a web viewer. However, now push notifications are a very popular trend which majority of websites follow.

Have you ever noticed a sign on top of most of the webpages that prompt you for sending notifications? Well, that is an example of a push notification. These push notifications can be integrated through plug-ins or by using a dedicated push notification platform.

1. Typography as font matters

Remember in school when handwriting mattered and how you wrote on a paper had a lot to do with your overall impression on the teacher?

Well, somehow in the 2020s we are coming back to that same thing but in a different way. The internet is mostly about giving information to people either through written or visual content. Because the text is a major source of online content, the way it appears on your website is a matter of utmost importance. Hence, typography is of high relevance in website development where there is an emergence of new fonts to help your content look sharper to its audience. This ultimately ensures a better user experience.

2. Chatbots becoming necessity

Many eCommerce businesses are incorporating chatbots on their websites. The reason is that it helps in customer engagement with higher chances of selling the products.

As AI and Machine Learning concepts are integrated into the development of chat-bots; the interaction with the customers is going to be more human-like and relevant.

3. Single-page applications picking momentum

Based on JavaScript, Single-page applications (SPAs) work very well among user devices. Apart from high performance, it also minimizes interruptions caused by page reloading.

Single-page applications are an excellent choice for building responsive websites that support mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. The 2020s will be the decade when single-page applications again become very popular with React and Angular frameworks as these two platforms are very appropriate for making hybrid or cross-platform apps.

4. PWAs are the need of the day

Following the footsteps of 2019, Progressive web apps (PWAs) will also stay in the limelight during the 2020s and beyond. The majority of all browsers support the modern web features that PWAs require. This implies that businesses can start to offer a smoother, app-like experience through the mobile web. PWAs will also continue to remain a popular choice for mobile app development.

5. Interactive web design through motion UI

Because of its high usability, state-of-the-art animation and dynamic graphics; Motion UI will be a leading web development trend for the 2020s. Motion UI helps developers in the art of storytelling by using a wide range of tools and techniques. Being a sustainable library, Motion UI provides seamless transition effects on the user interface. Developers can employ Motion UI techniques without having very solid expertise in JS or jQuery library. This is one of the reasons it is very popular and will continue to trend for the upcoming decade.

6. Longreads offers better readability

Representing the text, animations, pictures, and icons; Longreads helps in telling a complete story in simple words. The user can scroll to the page and even cling on to the major information points through it.

Longreads is ideal for large chunks of content, as it helps the users in better readability and understanding. 8. Creating webpages through modules

The concept of creating webpages is no longer restricted to the developer community. Thanks to the concept of content management systems, web pages can now be created through modules.

You can select a module of your choice and drop it into your website. The 2020s will see Gutenberg becoming a popular module, especially for WordPress users. The concept of drag and drop will become a normal action for creating webpages.

8. Blockchain goes mainstream

One of the biggest website development trends now and in the future is going to be Blockchain. It enables supply chain auditing; provides automatic protection of vital intellectual properties, smart contracts, and failure-free decentralized file storage.

Need we say more?

In the coming years, Blockchain will be opening doors for p2p commerce and crowd-funding. Gone are the days when Blockchain was just for the Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This decade it will gain more traction for its upcoming features especially security.

9. User behavior tracking

With the constant emphasis on data collection and analysis, the concept of tracking user behavior has also caught the attention of the tech community. There is a whole science related to how consumers act, think and make a decision on the websites. How users are engaged before making a purchase has a lot to do with their thought process and what is provided to them at that time. For example, consumers may be provided with a discount on the item, only if they subscribe to a newsletter.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tools have tremendously helped businesses from guesswork and allowing actual statistics on what works for increasing customer flow as well as overall sales on the website.

By tracking user behavior, you have a better chance of knowing about how users are engaged on your website and the potential means on what brought them here. For example, a call to action, or by reading a blog, taking a quiz, etc. are some of the ways a user can happen to land on your website.

Many free and paid tools for user behavior tracking are beneficial in web development and analysis. Google Analytics is the first choice for the majority of companies for tracking user behavior.


Web development is both an art and a science. If done correctly, it can catapult a business to new heights and even establish an upcoming business as a household name.

However, it is important to engage the right blend of resources and techniques for success. Create cost-effective and workable solutions to expand business by outsourcing website projects.

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