4 Reasons To Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

2019-10-14 by Gary Wilkinson

WordPress is the most highly utilized CMS available on the market. In fact, 30% of sites on the internet are built on WordPress. The robust community makes this CMS an ever-growing machine that is friendly for users of all skill levels. From the personal blog to enterprise software, WordPress also provides what a lot of platforms can’t: A system where experts and novices can work together. That being said, it’s easy to see why plenty of hosting companies have made WordPress service and management their priority.


Unfortunately, it’s not so easy for business owners and marketing managers to understand why purchasing WordPress-centric hosting services is better (or different) from using Site grounds. In this article, we’re going to illuminate that difference with 4 reasons you should opt for managed WordPress hosting.


Managed Hosting Reduces Down Time

One of the most common reasons business owners and freelancers alike switch to managed services is to keep their site up and running. With self-serve hosting solutions, you’re not going to be informed that your website is down. Most of the time you’re going to find out by a customer telling you they went to your website and it served a 404.


When you invest in managed services, you will be. In fact, you’re more likely to be told before a customer has the chance to bounce from your website. If you do catch it first, you’ve got the support you need to solve it quickly.

Managed Hosting Saves You Time

There aren’t many growing retail businesses (digital or brick and mortar) that have a dedicated tech team for their websites. The same can be said for restaurants, car shops, and services. This means when you need to take the time to perform updates on your website, it’s going to be a stressful experience for you and your most tech-savvy employee.


Choosing a managed service will take that headache off your shoulders. The hosting company will take care of your updates, security, and protocol. This means you can focus your energy on growing your business instead of trying to become an overnight web designer.

You’re More Secure with Managed Hosting

If you’re buying cheap hosting, you get what you pay for. Website security is a big concern in 2019 and with the internet’s growing accessibility, you can always expect a new hacking technique to be on the rise. What’s important is that you protect your customers, employees, and business alike. Managed WordPress solutions to do that for you.


In addition to monitoring the health of your website, managed WordPress provide levels of security that cheap hosting solutions do not. In most cases, businesses will even provide you with tips to increase the security measures on your website and provide an SSL. More importantly, these services take on the burden of your securing website to secure your business.

Simplicity and Support When You Need it Most

When your website has crashed due to a rookie mistake, you need it resolved sooner rather than later. 99.9% of managed WordPress hosting solutions are going to provide some form of customer support 24/7. In most cases, you have at least 12 hours during the day where you can call and get a solution. As your trusted website partner, a managed service can back your website up to a functioning state and help you complete the updates needed.


Conclusion: You Can’t Afford Not To

If you’re a growing brand without the budget to pay the salary of an engineering team (or even keep your site updated consistently), managed WordPress hosting is going to improve the relationship you have with your website and minimize bad user experiences. Despite an increase in hosting costs, you’re saving a lot if you think about paying someone a salary to do the same job.


Still not convinced? Then ask yourself this: Can you afford downtime? If the answer is no, then it is time to consider managed WordPress hosting. The internet changes fast. Customers remember a bad experience more than they’ll ever reflect on a good one. If you’re serious about making money online with your business, then you need to be serious about your hosting. After all, it’s what keeps you online.

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