Why Is WordPress The Top Choice In Web Development? Let Us Count The Ways

2019-08-08by Melissa Crooks

When a business takes the time to meet with an app development company, a number of questions are going to come up. An app development company can answer queries about the app that is being developed and they can offer further background on various platforms. WordPress is now one of the most common platforms that is used in web development.


As a result, there are several businesses that find themselves considering the ins and outs of WordPress before meeting with an app development company. While there are some who will still have a high level of skepticism when it comes to WordPress web development, the following guide is here to provide further insight.


The time has come for us to take a closer look at all of the ways that WordPress can assist a business with their web development. By taking the time to learn more, a business owner can place themselves in a more advantageous position and get more out of their relationship with an app development company in the process.


1. No Downtime

Unexpected downtime is the enemy of any successful website or app. This is one of the first lessons that an app development company is going to impart. That's why businesses need to make sure that they are choosing a platform that is not going to have such issues. When a site has little to no downtime, the business is not going to have any problems when it comes to attracting customers.


A user that visits a site and experiences regular outages is never going to pay that business any mind going forward. In fact, they may even advise their friends and loved ones against utilizing the business' goods and services in the future. Sites must remain operational so that all information is available around the clock.


2. Top Notch Security

WordPress web development comes with several myths that are still being perpetrated by those who do not know better. One of the most prevalent myths is focused on the supposed lack of security. However, those who use WordPress are given the chance to enjoy an optimal level of security and there is no replacement for this sort of peace of mind.


Website owners are never going to be left to their own devices. The infrastructure that is provided ensures a business' ability to remain on top of things. Hosting providers that are optimized by WordPress offer the sort of advanced support that can make the difference during a time of uncertainty.


3. Features That Are Easy To Customize

Thanks to WordPress, no business is left holding the bag, forced to use a site that does not actually align with their specific needs. This is a common problem that keeps many business owners from utilizing the proper platforms. They allow themselves to believe that they are not going to have access to the features that are best aligned with their chosen objectives.


Those who meet with an app development company before deciding on a platform are able to learn more about the plethora of features that WordPress has to offer. A site has never been easier to customize. Even those who are looking to stick to the tightest budget possible are still able to select the best features for their specific needs.


4. Ability To Scale Upwards

WordPress hosting offers businesses the sort of scalability that few other platforms can match. Businesses of all sizes benefit from WordPress because of their attention to detail. For starters, the platform offers plans that allows their users to scale their traffic. This keeps sites from potentially crashing and burning once their servers start to receive a higher volume of traffic than before.


This is a welcome change of pace from the sites that are more prone to crashing once the business starts to level up. Don't make the mistake of trusting the wrong platform and experiencing an untimely crash. By choosing WordPress, a business is ensuring their ability to keep up with their website, even as it grows more popular.


5. Added Levels of Speed

The modern browser is simply not going to tolerate a website that has slow load times and doesn't provide the appropriate level of speed once the page has loaded. A consumer is looking for a website that support them in every possible way. If the site is not able to stand up to their requirements from a speed standpoint, they are far more likely to head elsewhere.


A site that doesn't respond quickly is a site that is going to be forgotten. Slow loading times also have a profound effect on search engine optimization. If a site is found to have slow loading times, Google search engine rankings suffer as a result. A low ranking will cause businesses of all sizes to suffer over the long haul.


With the help of WordPress and an app development company, a business is able to achieve all of their most important goals and objectives. By taking the time to learn everything that there is to know about this platform, a company sidesteps the typical pitfalls and ensures a more stress free existence for themselves.


In a world where more and more top tier businesses are using WordPress, it behooves forward thinking companies to get on board as soon as possible. With WordPress hosting plans, a company is able to enjoy all of the aforementioned advantages and then some

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