What Are The Important Trends In Artificial Intelligence In E-Commerce Industries?

2019-07-17 by mallikarjuna rao

The artificial intelligence can be utilized to the e-commerce industry to give it with a number of effectively useful benefits. The technology is proficient of improving the customer experience with desired personalization, targeting potential customers to increase sale, and also assisting them in suggesting products based on their past purchases or browsing history. Some are the important trends in artificial intelligence in e-commerce industries are:

1. Customer-centric visual search

Customers are usually frustrated with e-commerce experience because the outcome results showed are often irrelevant. To tackle this problem, Artificial Intelligence uses common language processing to narrow, contextualize and enhance search results for online customers. Also, it provides having visual search capabilities, locating and matching products. Also, AI allows customers to discover complementary products and enhance customer experience.

2. Retarget possible customers and increase the sales method

At least 33% of marketing leads are not followed up by the sales team. This means that pre-qualified potential buyers interested in a product are just left behind. Also, many teams are overloaded with unmanageable customer data that they do little or nothing with. And that’s when AI is a real necessity.

3. The Advanced level of personalization

Now we can find a lot of AI solutions, for example, one of the them that I really want to mention is Boom train. The company analyzes various impact subjects to help the company investigate how clients are communicating online: via mobile application, web, email, etc. And the Artificial Intelligence transformer is controlling all devices and channels to generate a universal customer view. So, not just one channel, but all the channels. And of course, it benefits e-commerce retailers to deliver a seamless customer experience overall platforms. It will improve to send important information at the best time.

4. Chatbots and virtual assistants

E-Commerce is now focused on user activity. The use of artificial intelligence into the application of “chatbots” is just one method to drive the communication in the period of the conversational business. Also, they are an effective and low-cost way of giving 24/7 customer service and collect important data and track performance. With the chatbots, e-commerce sites can improve growth rates by tailoring the online activity for the consumer.

5. Develop suggestions for customers

With Artificial Intelligence makes can more intelligently and efficiently predict consumer performance and need, and give relevant and helpful tips. An excellent example is Starbucks, it uses Artificial Intelligence to examine all the information it has collected to give more personalized recommendations. The algorithm needs into account: customer’s data, customer choices, purchase history, third-party data, and contextual data.

5. Smart assistants

New smart agent discussion system has become a successful tool used in e-commerce. There are 3 main use cases: pairing buyers and sellers; helping transactions and giving institutional infrastructure. And guess what?! Everything in an automated way!

6. Computerization

Artificial intelligence doesn’t propose that the robots are taking over. Nowadays a lot of people are terrified that everything will be prepared by robots in the nearest future. No, not really! Robots give a chance for retailers to implement exactly what the customer requires, when they require it, by utilizing technology and algorithms. As firms in the e-commerce business proceed to expand and that means becoming a developing number of customers, computerization becomes a must and converted one of their top investment advantages for e-commerce markets.

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