5 Best Hosting Sites For 2019 – Trusted By Millions Users

2019-02-25 by Alex Brian

Having a reliable web host is essential for the success and smooth functioning of your website. Choosing the right website host is a critical decision because it will directly affect the performance of your website. The role of a web-hosting site is similar to that of a customer care service for any organization. Charter Spectrum is nothing without Spectrum Cable Customer Service. It has earned all the name and fame because of the performance of its customer care service. Hence, the importance of an efficient and effective web-hosting site cannot be denied.

In this blog post, we are going to cover some of the best hosting sites, which have earned the trust of millions of users. We have handpicked these companies. They feature highest ratings for customer satisfaction, excellent reviews by the gurus of web hosting industry, and a solid online reputation.

5 Best Web Hosting Sites of this Year

We cannot emphasize enough how significant choosing the right web host for your site is. Whether it is a blog for business or personal use, a web host is a basic component that determines your success. Following are the top five host sites, which are suitable for small business setups and entrepreneurs.

  1. InMotion Hosting: Reliable and high-quality web hosting for the businesses of any size
  2. Web Hosting Hub: Do-it-yourself,  All-In-One shared web host for entrepreneurs
  3. HostGator: All-purpose web host, great for small businesses and blogging             
  4. iPage: Inexpensive hosting for new sites on a budget and for personal use
  5. A2 Hosting: Customizable, fast hosting for business and developers

Let’s know them in some detail.

InMotion Hosting

  • InMotion is the best for business websites.
  • They cater to businesses of all sizes.
  • They have earned a name due to high performance in web hosting for hundreds and thousands of businesses worldwide.
  • Owners of professional business setups have shown their trust in the said host over the years.
  • Webmasters and websites, which offer web-hosting reviews, have expressed a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • They offer a good range of Linux plans to pick from and they offer hosting services for all sizes and types of websites. Their plans also include VPS, shared, and dedicated.
  • They offer great reseller plans for developers and web designers
  • It is highly recommended for business websites looking for a strong mix of features, performance, and affordability

With all the aforementioned qualities, no wonder this web host boasts of higher performance and more reliability than leading competitors and branded companies in the business.

Web Hosting Hub

  • Best for Shared web hosting and entrepreneurs and our favorite choice for shared hosting
  • It is a less-known yet high-performance web host, especially dedicated to the entrepreneurs who run smaller business websites
  • They only offer the shared hosting plans and not the dedicated or VPS
  • All their plans come with an essential cPanel and have single-click installs of all popular apps via Softaculous.
  • The performance is on par with any major hosting company. They are most notable for their exceptional and approachable customer support.  

Despite a few limitations, Web Hosting Hub is a solid choice for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for reliable, economical, and fast web hosting. And it is great for the beginners.


  • HostGator is best for small business hosting and blogging
  • With years of recognition and experience, it is a perfect choice for any small business
  • It is one of the top ten biggest web hosts in the world and has millions of loyal customers
  • They offer a huge range of cloud, VPS, shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting plans which are suitable for almost every website
  • They also offer servers, which are Windows-based and of course, the Linux plans
  • Their cloud plans are incredible, cost-effective, and high-performance
  • Although it is a little pricey, you get to have a lower price if signed up for a longer term (like 36 months or so)

To recapitulate, the features are amazing and we would recommend HostGator as a premium web-hosting site.


  • iPage is best for cheap hosting for beginners and personal use
  • They are popular for offering slightly low cost and feature-rich web hosting plans
  • Review websites often rate the said site highly
  • Webmasters with a tight budget find them amazing because they offer economical and convenient hosting plans
  • Recent hardware and data center improvements have boosted the performance and customers will now experience reliability and solid speeds
  • They have user-friendly and easy vDeck (control panels). They also feature a good variety of tools, which allow customers to maintain and modify the web hosting account
  • They offer dedicated and VPS plans and a wide range of add-ons for large websites

A2 Hosting

  • A2 Hosting is best for professionals and web developers
  • They offer high performance and fast web hosting services which are suitable for websites of every size
  • It is a great choice for small and medium business setups, web developers, and E-commerce sites
  • It is popular for its quick support and implementation of development software and their latest versions
  • It offers a solution called ‘Developer Access’ which allows the account owners to grant permission to the web developer to access the hosting accounts. This is a very convenient feature
  • It is well optimized for Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.
  • They are a little pricey with add-ons and premium features though

Before you start using any of these sites, we would highly recommend reading the web hosting reviews sites. If you have a subscription to one of the Spectrum Internet plans or any other, make sure you read the user testimonials and reviews of current users. Gauge your needs and expectations for a website hosting site and then make a decision accordingly!

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