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How To Protect Your Vulnerability On The Internet
2019-02-15 by  Alex Brian


We all have access to the internet. We trust the internet-based forums. We even share our confidential personal information online. This includes credit card credentials and other personal information. We rely on the internet so much that we cannot quit it. But that doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to secure ourselves on the internet. You can still have a steady subscription to one of the Spectrum Triple Play plans. And you can use the internet as much as you please. You just need to be mindful about your vulnerability on the internet. You should know how to protect yourself from hackers and scams.

The internet has become a huge part of our lives. Our reliance on the internet is increasing further. Scammers can take advantage of the thriving population on the internet. We are going to help you with some basic steps to secure yourself on the internet.

Protect your Personal Information

Always avoid responding to requests asking for personal and account information. Whether they are on the internet or phone. If they tell you to provide a social security number as an identifier, ask if you can provide any alternate information. Be cautious of convincing imitations. They can from banks, charities, card companies, and even government agencies. Make sure a legitimate source is requiring this confidential information. You can check your bank’s official website and the numbers listed to see if it’s a valid one.

Do Not Overshare

Oversharing on the internet is not a good habit. You should avoid sharing your date of birth, pet’s name, and parents’ name. This includes any information that can help identify you. Be particularly careful about social media sites. Do not detail your personal information on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Take a look at your profile information now. From the perspective of security. And delete any access to personal information right away.

Beware of Fake Contests and Sweepstakes

Giveaways and contests are trending on social media. They look tempting. But know that any contest that requires an exchange of personal information or some payment is fake. They can make it a mandatory step before giving the award. We are not suggesting quitting such contests completely. Just ensure the validity of the offer. If they ask too many questions, don’t feel pushed to take any immediate decision out of temptation. Stay away from scammers.

Verify that the Data is Encrypted

Whenever you are sending confidential information online, ensure sending it securely. This information could be usernames, credit card credentials, passwords, and so on. To make sure that the data is encrypted, look for the Internet browser security lock. It is a tiny lock located at the right corner of the browser window. Or, it can be next to the address bar. If it is visible, it has to be in a locked position. This will show encryption status.

Don’t Believe the Hype About Home-Based Jobs

Work from home sounds like a tempting option. But they can be traps and scams. If you get such an opportunity, conduct a thorough background check. Look up the company that is offering this position. Make phone calls to check if they have a real office. You can even visit a law enforcement officer. Ask them about their opinion on it. These work-from-home frauds can be dangerous. They can enlist an individual to fraud others. They can also do identity theft and use your identity for their vile purposes.

Use a Difficult Password

It is pretty basic. Use strong passwords on all the websites, which store your personal data. As a matter of fact, use a difficult password for every site that requires you to log in. if you tend to forget your passwords, consider a password manager. Also, make sure you don’t pick passwords which can be easily guessed. Your date of birth or your pet’s name is not good enough. Come up with a difficult mix of capital letters, small letters, and special characters.

Get a VPN

We all know what a VPN is. A virtual private network creates an essential barrier between you and the internet. You can encrypt your traffic with the help of a VPN. No one can monitor your online activities if you use a VPN. Therefore, it makes you more secure online. No wonder they are widely used now. Who wouldn’t want to keep personal anonymity on the internet! Have you heard the news about certain ISPs selling users’ browsing data? I was so stressed so I checked with my Charter Spectrum Customer Support. Fortunately, they are very strict about their data and assured me that nothing of the sort happens there. Still, it is safer to be careful about your online activities. 

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Alex Brian


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