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Pinnacle Purpose To Choose Ruby On Rails For Web Development Project
2019-01-28 by  Sunny Chawla


Well, like life in web development we too have a good number of choices. In terms of life, the choices can be unique and varied however in regards to web development the choice is restricted to the choice of a particular development language.

Numbers of programming languages, number of frameworks and you have to make a call for the language/framework of your choice, but how can you pick a language/framework of your choice. Talking about web development then Ruby on Rails is certainly a choice to reckon.

Ruby on Rails for web development has become a popular choice among firms looking to get web development solutions delivered. From startups to established firms the liking for ruby on rails for web development has seen an increase in the past.

Though the choice of language depends upon the nature of the project, the budgeted cost and the familiarity of the development team to a particular language Ruby on Rails comes as a top choice for web development. Thanks to its ability to fit most of the requirements.   

The very fact that it supports over 3 lakh websites that are active online these days signifies the importance and preference of ruby on rails for web development.  Now, you might be wondering what’s that is making ruby on rails such a popular choice for web development?

These are nothing but the benefits that ruby on rails brings along with it in terms of web development. No, you don’t have to go searching on Google for those benefits as we are going to discuss them right here right now.

So, carry on reading till the end as we explore the reason for the popularity of ruby on rails for the web development projects. 


Ruby on Rails


Before going on to discuss the benefits of Ruby on Rails it would be logical enough if we take a brief look at what Ruby on rails exactly is, that is what its technical aspects are.

Ruby on Rails in simple terms can be explained as a web development application. Rails (in Ruby on Rails) is a server-side web application framework that is written Ruby (as a programming language) under MIT’s license. Rails is basically a model-view-controller framework that provides default structure for the database (and web pages). Ruby on Rails happens to be a cross-platform open-source framework that adds to the preference for it in the market.


Benefits of Ruby on Rails


Having got a basic idea about what Ruby on Rails is now its time we should look at the reasons that have made it the most preferred choice for web development.


Suitability with the budget


Budget is a crucial aspect of every project. The budgetary concern becomes all the more important when we talk in terms of startups and medium to small firms. Ruby on Rails by the virtue of being an open source platform comes as a natural choice for most of these firms.

Not only budget restricted project but big projects too prefer Ruby on Rails due to its efficacy and effectiveness.


Simple and easy to learn


Apart from being budget effective Ruby on Rails is one simple and effective language that can be learned easily with a little effort. This is very useful for startups as in most of the startups budding developers are involved in the project work so, for them to learn easily and to save time Ruby on Rails comes as a good and effective choice.

Ruby on Rails uses Basic English and at the same time utilizes the presence of its own domain-specific languages. The domain-specific language in Ruby on Rails is used in only particular cases which keeps the complexity away from the programming language.


Effective support and ease of maintenance


Robust infrastructure and efficient communities like RubyGems, Ruby gem are surely one of the reasons that add to the popularity of Ruby on Rails. The team behind Ruby on Rails is working tirelessly to make it a perfect choice that suits the need of almost all the web development project.

The effort and consistency in terms of the interventions made to further improve the standards of Ruby on Rails also go in favor of increasing its acceptance among users. 




Ruby on Rails supports high-level scalability features. It effectively supports the caching activity apart from making use of Redis as the caching storage option. Ruby on Rails allows you the freedom to implement a multi-server automation tool to automate new application variants and deploying them to a location.


Clear and Clean


Ever thought of building a web application without encountering a single error. If yes then Ruby on Rails certainly helps you in that regards. Clean and simple codes that Ruby on Rails uses makes it easy for you to code without errors.

Ruby on Rails is one of its kind case that makes code conventions easier from one developer to another. The clean, clear and easy to learn aspect of the Ruby on Rails is an effective combo and has bought it a good number of takers.


We, hope by now you might have got an answer that why Ruby on Rails is a premier and foremost choice for web development. So, if you too are going to work on a web development project or are planning to start one from the scratch then Ruby on Rails can surely be your language.

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