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How Can You Perform The Best Data Recovery? Top Tips To Follow
2018-11-28 by  Ronny Dsouza


Losing essential data from your electronic storage device can often be upsetting for anyone as it might include some very important memories, moments or collections. Losing data is a very common scenario around the world as it can happen with anyone due to user fault, by accident or due to system issues. Earlier it was not possible to get permanently deleted or formatted data back but with the introduction of advanced recovery tools, it has become really easy for everyone to retrieve important data back. You can easily retrieve graphics files, videos, documents, emails, applications and games etc, with these advanced tools. In order to performed proper and best data recovery, you need to take care of many essential aspects before & during the process.

Top Tips for Performing Perfect Data Recovery

Recovering back files and information is surely an easy process but to perform it properly, you will need to take care of many essential things otherwise you can lose data. Here, we will check out the top points to remember:

1.    The Don’ts

For any process to be performed rightly there are always things to avoid and things to be surely done, same is the case with critical process of data retrieval. Here are the don’ts of it:

  • Never carry out any ‘write' operations on the disk or device you want to perform the retrieval process on. Write operations basically include storing files, creating new files or deleting files from the disk/device. Also, avoid internet browsing or other system processes as it can lead to the creation of temporary files and can affect the proper retrieval of files.


  • Avoid accessing, editing or opening the data stored on the disk/device.


  • Make sure the device/disk is not formatted or reformatted again as this can cause the permanent removal of data from it and then, recovering important files might become impossible for you.


  • Don't alter or reconstruct the partition table in case of a partition loss as the files are still available in a lost partition area but reconstruction of the table can remove files permanently.


  • If you are not able to find the data using the recovery software, then don’t experiment and get in touch with a professional to seek assistance.


2.    Choosing The Right Software

This is surely one of the most essential aspects to consider as the right recovery tool can not only make the whole process easier for you but also ensure the right recovery of your essential data. To choose the right software, you need to:

  • Check the features offered by the software like what kind of data can be recovered using it like graphics, video files, documents etc. Features also include different recovery modes and types of recoveries supported like formatted disk recovery, lost partition retrieval, deleted data & recycle bin recovery, etc.


  • Find a software tool that is compatible with your Windows or Mac operating system.


  • Check out the online reviews & comments posted by old users about the software.


3.    Choose The Right Recovery Mode

The results fetched by data recovering tools depend upon the type of recovery mode you chose to perform the whole operation. Every recovery mode has been designed to perform a specific kind of recovery only. For example, ‘Formatted Disk Recovery’ mode is used to recover data from formatted drive only. So always assess your data loss scenario and choose the mode accordingly to get the desired results.

4.    Get Professional Help

There can be many reasons and situations where you are not getting the desired results with the data recovery operations performed by you. In such situations, you can always get in touch with a professional data recovery services provider before losing all hope. The reason behind this is that they are experts in this field and being the developers of these software tools, they have far better & insightful knowledge than you.

That’s all!

If you keep all these aspects in focus before and while using the data recovery software, you can easily get all your data back in intact form. Data retrieval tools are very essential for not only businesses but also for anyone, as no one likes to lose important data or files ever.

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