When Is The Right Time For SMEs To Adopt Cloud Accounting?

2018-10-09 by Lunna Walker

The rapid development of technology and cloud computing has created ample options and opportunities for growth of every industry. It is the right time to embrace and switch to cloud accounting before you are left behind. This holds true especially for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

The answer is NOW!

The importance of getting on-board with the latest technological developments cannot be stressed enough. Times are changing, and so should we. It is no longer necessary or appropriate to control operations and accounting from a central immobile office. The modern entrepreneur wants to work while traveling and not just be tied to their desk. Nowadays, it is essential to stay connected with the fellow team members while at home, or on a vacation.

All sophisticated software have -- on a cloud, giving users an option of hosting their application on the platform. Like QuickBooks cloud hosting provides remote authenticated access to its users which enables them to work from anywhere, anytime. It is estimated that around 70 percent of employees work from home once a week minimum, while more ‘part-time’ and ‘work from home’ employees rely on the cloud to coordinate with their team.

Technology is growing rapidly. Therefore, it is the right time to embrace and switch to cloud accounting before you are left behind. This holds true especially for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

What is cloud accounting?

In layman terms, a cloud is just an online resource that can be used for storing and sharing data/program which provides immediate access to the information through an internet connection. Your handling process almost remains the same like when your data was on-premise, except for the fact that you can now go online to work.

Cloud accounting means integrating your accounting software with cloud technology to host it on an encrypted platform, offering real-time collaboration among teammates and the bonus of always working with up-to-date financial information. With QuickBooks remote hosting you can work online by simply logging in to your cloud from any device without any setup.

How safe is cloud accounting?

Many of us are skeptical about the security of data saved on the cloud. But so is the issue with storing data on-premise on your hard drive, where you are responsible for taking all the security measures required to keep away hackers and viruses. It is a risk.

Data stored in the cloud is safer than on-premise. The cloud platform is encrypted with two-factor authentication and latest firewalls that safeguard your sensitive information. Also, data readily available online removes the need of copying files and sharing it on flash drives, which gives you a better control over who has access. Thus QuickBooks

What are the benefits of Cloud Accounting?

Apart from better security and management of your data, there are plenty of ways in which cloud accounting can prove to be a smart option for SMEs.

  • Affordable Pricing

It is understandable that small businesses or startups may not have enough funding to buy the technical equipment needed to support data storage and hire engineers just to maintain them. Thus, opting for a cloud-based solution and letting an experienced cloud vendor take care of the technicalities is the smartest option.

  • Stress-Free Management

As the cloud vendor upgrades the software, firewalls, and other things, you are free to continue with your work without a hiccup. Communicate with your cloud vendor’s support team over your requirements and if any issue arises, which are usually available 24/7.

  • Flexible Resources

Are you expanding your operations soon? Not to worry. With cloud accounting, you can convey your bandwidth and storage requirements for expansion, discuss pricing, and choose the best according to your needs.

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a smart solution for small and medium enterprises that ensure security, improves business productivity and better collaboration among team members.

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