How Content Delivery Networks Improve Performance Of Your Online Business

2018-08-10by Andrew Stevenson

Content delivery networks are such a big deal nowadays. This is because people are waking up to the revelation of their amazing benefits. If you wish to take your online business to the next level then you need to work with a CDN. They are simply a fantastic solution to so many different problems that online business owners often have to contend with. The only challenge you might encounter is finding the best hosting services.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network is basically a global cluster of caches that have the ability to serve as local caches for static files. The workings of a CDN are really simple. For instance, if a visitor or website requests certain files, instead of the hosting server responding with the requested objects, the CDN will take care of serving them. This is because the CDN will take the geographical location of the user in the account and the file is going to be served from the caching node that is nearest to the user (visitor). What are the benefits of this?

You do not need to ask the pluses of using content delivery networksThe primary ones are:

  • Speedy response

One of the elements that Google considers when ranking content online is the speed at which pages are loading and content is being received by the users. This is not only a function of the internet service provider of the user but also of the site itself. In today’s generation where everything is instant, no one has the time to chill and wait for a website to take its sweet time to load. A CDN can sort out the problem of slow website speed by ensuring that users are able to get access to information that they request very fast.

  • Focused local SEO

Local SEO is not about to die any day from now. It is actually at the heart of SEO now. The best way to serve your different clients from different parts of a region (or even the world) is to use CDNs. This way they are able to request information for other parts of the world and receive it with as fast speed as if they were requesting information for their geo-location.

  • Traffic control

Traffic can break your website especially if you have visitors from various parts of the world. A simple way to control traffic that is requesting information from your hosting servers is to use a CDN. This way heavy traffic does not interfere with the performance of your site and you do not suffer downtime because of websites.

How do you get one of these?

As above mentioned the biggest challenge in setting up a CDN is finding a reliable company that can help with that. However, with the help of Cloudcone you are guaranteed that you will get nothing but the best services. Cloudcone is one of the finest cloud computing service providers. As long as you are looking for hosting services,you can rely upon Cloudcone to have the solutions that meet your specific needs.


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