Operating An E-commerce Site From Buffalo Grove – Are There Too Many ISPs?

2018-04-20 by Boris Dzhingarov

In this day of technology, it’s hard to believe that there are still some areas of the country that aren’t served by a local Internet Service Provider, ISP. In fact, there are even some areas that haven’t set up a satellite dish provider so residents are almost forced to use their mobile phone service to act as a Wi-Fi hot spot. In rural regions of Northern California, for instance, there are still areas with no service other than that which comes via their smart phones.

The Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove, on the other hand, has an equally perplexing problem, and that would be the sheer number of ISPs for them to choose between. Can you imagine running an e-commerce site from Buffalo Grove and trying to choose between 23 different companies that service the area? Even for the most experienced techie, that would present a dilemma. So how do you choose for best possible branding and results? Experts explain that there are key features a Buffalo Grove e-commerce site administrator should look for.

Discuss Website Capacity and Traffic Limitations

One of the things that a1qa advises is that it is imperative to understand that there will be days, weeks and even seasons of the year when your website may experience huge spikes in traffic. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two days that most often come to mind. Historically, many servers have crashed on these two major online shopping days because they were unable to handle the increase in traffic. Does your ISP have the wherewithal to help with auto scaling of resources? In other words, what kind of bandwidth are they able to offer and can traffic be redirected as it would be in a cloud-based server?

A Look at the Benefits of Cloud-Based Servers

Some e-commerce sites are hosted in the Cloud which makes it easier to facilitate spikes in traffic. Auto scaling is all about redirecting traffic as needed and so many merchants choose a hosting company that offers Cloud services. However, there are still a huge number of companies that operate with a local mainframe and are thus, their own hosting company. Medium to large companies find it beneficial to operate their own mainframe via a local ISP that is capable of handling the traffic. It can get fairly complicated understanding which company is responsible for which service but in the end it’s all about volume and speed if you are an e-commerce business.

Buffalo Grove, with 23 ISPs could present a problem for a company seeking to operate their own mainframe via the Internet. In other words, they may not need a web host in the literal sense. While their system may have the capacity to handle inordinately large amounts of traffic, is the Internet Provider able to handle as much? Data packets being sent via hard-wire are the most difficult to gauge but again, that brings you back to the mainframe your ISP is operating. Whether hardwired or wireless, does your ISP have the capacity to offer the speed and bandwidth you need? That, Buffalo Grove, is the most important thing to understand if you are an e-commerce merchant.

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