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5 Online Resources For Learning AngularJS


If you’re a confident front-end web developer, fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you may wish to expand what your web apps can do without writing custom code yourself.


Learning AngularJS can help speed up the development of web apps dramatically, but before diving into Angular development, you’ll need a bit of background knowledge of Angular’s history, syntax, and community. Unsurprisingly, you can get all of this information online and for free.


So, without further delay, here are the 5 best online resources for learning AngularJS:


1. Angular.io

In your search for free resources, you may overlook one of the very best sites to start building your Angular skills: Angular.io. Before venturing to paid online classes or flashy video tutorials, take a look at Angular’s quickstart guide, basic tutorial, and fundamentals section, which include blurbs on forms, bootstrapping, and NgModules. They even provide you with a handy Angular cheat sheet; a quick reference for everything from template syntax to class decorators.


Spending time reading the wealth of information, tricks, and techniques Angular.io provides can be incredibly useful, especially for those just starting out with AngularJS. In addition to these written resources, Angular.io has links to important outside resources with links to popular development environments, tooling programs, data libraries, and UI components. 


2. Code School

Code School is a magnificent resource for those who don’t mind paying a premium subscription. If you don’t have the wiggle room to justify paying Code School for a monthly or yearly plan -- fear not. Shaping Up with AngularJS is a free Angular course that can set you up with the basics of the programming language.


Code School’s beginner AngularJS courses meld text-based learning resources with video tutorials and quick challenges. The examples and projects given are also giving an entertaining twist as they often emulate video game mechanics.


3. Airpair

Airpair connects software talent to people who need help with their development projects. Instead of assisting companies who wish to hire AngularJS developers, Airpair facilitates the transfer of knowledge. So, if you need assistance with a specific technology and you’re having a specific problem within that technology, Airpair can help connect you with software experts.


Airpair not only connects users to software knowledge, it curates thorough tutorials from industry experts. AngularJS Tutorial: A Comprehensive 10,000-word Guide is one such resource created by Todd Motto, a Google Developer Expert and Lead Front-End Engineer at Appsbroker. Motto’s AngularJS tutorial will confidently guide you from the engineering concepts in JavaScript frameworks to form validation and server communication.


4. TutorialsPoint

TutorialsPoints has attracted 20 million readers every month because of its immense coding tutorial library. On TuturialsPoint you can edit, compile, execute and share popular coding languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and AngularJS. Users are able to digest text-based, video, and interactive lessons at your own pace and without a subscription, making it an ideal resource for developers new to Angular.


5. Ng-book

While text-based tutorials are extremely useful when learning a new programming language, nothing can truly replace a well-written ebook. Ng-book will guide you through the basics and delves more deeply into the nuances of Angular. The 659-page book covers what you’d expect to see from a thick, academic manual, but its coding examples, projects, and online integration make it a far better resource than that.


Although you’ll have to pay extra for the quality control and the access to non-DRM features, ng-book is a steal compared to college courses, paid online tutorials, and e-learning subscriptions.



Learning to code in AngularJS can happen in a few short weeks if you know where to look. Angular.io is a fantastic jumping off point to help you get a solid foundation. Code School, Airpair, and TutorialsPoint can assist you in furthering your knowledge by getting you started with real web app coding projects. After you’ve read through a few tutorials, watched a couple of AngularJS instructional videos, and completed a handful of coding challenges, you may want to consider investing in an ebook like Ng-book.

Regardless of the resources you choose to utilize and the order in which you choose to use them, with a little hard work, dedication, and a great deal of patience, you’ll be developing Angular apps in no time.

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