What Is ASP Web Hosting?

2017-08-28 by Neha Kumari

ASP (Active Server Page) hosting solution refers to web hosting service providers who support ASP in their hosting packages.

What is ASP/Active Server Pages?

ASP/Active Server Pages also an abbreviation for application service provider basicallly are HTML pages with nested ASP scripts. ASP contents are handled on the server side before the page is delivered to the visitors web browser. Active Server Pages (ASP) enables you to make dynamic database driven pages, a visitor of any website or web page can get to information in a database and collaborate with page entities, for example, Active X or Java modules.

How ASPs Work?

Whensomeone enterin awebsiteURL in the Addressbarofwebbrowser, you arerequestingthe server todeleiverwebsite'sfileand information tocomputer. If thedata andfileare in thestandardformat ofHTML,in that casethedata aweb browserpresented withwill lookcompletelysimilaras itexecutedon the websiteserver.In spite of, if an ASP file/dataisdeliveredtoone'scomputersystemfrom thewebsite'sserver, itprimaryruns the HTMLscript, then the ASPscript. The Active Server Pagesscriptcould besomethingfor examplethepresent date or tiime, date orit can be anyother suchkind ofinformation.

How to Find Best ASP Web Host?

To host a ASP based website one will need tosearcha web host who will hosttheirwebsite on a Windows serverrather than a linux server. It ishighly recommendedto host ASP pages on a Windowsbasedserver as these pagesare more stable and mostof theASP components workparticulryonWindowsserver.One more thingneed to consideris the type databasessuch asMySQL andMS SQL.Confirm whether theweb hostcompanies providessupport for the type of databaseyou need for yourwebsite.

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