Computer Immune Systems: How Firewalls And Spam Blockers Protect Your Business

2016-08-24by Rachelle Wilber

In the current economic environment, businesses are often besieged by situations that threaten their success. Threats to a business’ IT network can be especially dangerous. Many business owners find themselves at a loss with respect to dealing with network security. Fortunately, tools such as spam filters and firewalls can assist these owners. There are also steps that will ensure these tools will perform at their most effective levels.

Find the Right Fit

All computers come with some form of existing firewall protection. These protections, however, are inadequate for a business network. For business owners who are less IT savvy, this may be a good time to consult professionals who specialize in setting up network security systems. Some companies, like Bedrock IT, offer managed services in Ottawa for technical support for spam filters, and general IT. Selecting the best spam filter can also be a challenge. Spam software may all appear the same at first, but there are several differences that should be considered when making a final selection. The most important thing is to make sure that the software is user-oriented. This type of software allows the owner to customize the filter to meet the specific needs of the business.

Stay Current

The tools that hackers and cyber criminals use to attack a business’ network are always evolving. It is vital for a business owner to keep pace with these changes. The best network security companies will offer constant updates as part of their software packages. Despite these provided updates, it is imperative that owners remain diligent when searching out and neutralizing new threats.

Know the Products

Business owners often make the mistake of installing a firewall or a spam filter and believing their security problems are solved. Nothing could be further from the truth. Firewalls are designed to stop intrusions into a network. They are not designed to locate and stop such things as mal-ware or spyware. Specific software programs are designed to address these issues.

The same approach must be taken when dealing with spam filters. Most viruses are not spread by emails but rather through email attachments. Most spam filters are not designed to protect against these threats. Anti-virus software programs should be used to scan attachments prior to opening or forwarding.

Some of the most important assets of any company can be found in its IT department. Not just its hardware but its data and information. An attack on these assets can leave a business devastated. Finding the right spam filter and firewall can be the compelling factor in surviving an attack.

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