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2015-11-25by Dave Thomas

When it comes to guest blogging, having a relevant and stellar website proves key in getting the most traffic.

Whether you are doing the guest blogging and posting to various sites or you are the recipient of such work, your website and its ability to drive traffic can never be taken for granted.

Let’s assume you are the latter and you’re looking to beef-up the strength and value of your site’s content marketing. How solid is your website? Is your website as secure as possible? Lastly, how much value would your website receive from having others (specifically a guest posting service) contribute to your site?


Your Website’s Value and Integrity

First and foremost, you need to have a business website that is not only growing but also secure, especially if you’re looking at what is guest blog posting.

For starters, have hackers tried to or successfully attacked your site in the past.

If you’ve stayed abreast of the news in recent years, computer hacking (especially involving businesses and the breaching of consumer information) has been on the rise. As a result, companies can not only lose money, but their public relations can take a hit too.

In order to best secure your business site, keep the following items in mind:

  • Security should never be compromised – In the event you decide to have an individual or individuals (guest posting company) post to your site, make sure how they access your website is clearly defined. For some smaller businesses, they may be more likely to give out the user name/password in order for a person or persons (they trust) to upload content marketing pieces right to the site. In some cases, the blog posts written for the site will go live instantly. In other cases, it will be there and ready to go, but will need someone at the company to review the content and then publish it. Either way, don’t give out sensitive UN/PW information unless you truly trust the entity you are doing business with;

  • Content matters too – While hiring an individual or company to do your guest posting takes some weight off of your shoulders, make sure the content is both relevant to your site and of good quality. If you’re lacking in one or both of these areas, your Google ranking could take a hit over the long-term. Any content that speaks ill of other businesses should definitely be questioned and likely removed, thereby removing you and your brand from any potential lawsuits;

  • Review security measures – Go with the thought that your business website could always be targeted by people with bad intentions. Even though countless business sites go year after year without any hacking incidents, it just takes one to make a mess of your brand. Do periodic reviews of your site’s security measures to make sure you’re doing your best to stay one step ahead of criminals. Also note that the criminals could be someone you know or knew (i.e. current or former employees). If you stop to think about it, inside crimes are easier to pull off because the current or former employee may know what security measures you have in place for your website.

With all you have to do as a business owner, you may be leaning to or already allowing guest posting on your site in order to drive more traffic your way.

While that is fine, make sure your site’s security is never taken for granted.

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