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2015-06-25by Kelvin Smith

Linux platform is a popular term refers to Unix-type computer operating systems based on the Linux kernel which was created by Linus Torvalds with the help of developers from every corner of the world. The Linux Operating System was developed under the GNU (General Public Licence), and this is the main reason and one of the salient examples of free and open source software collaboration.

The source code of Linux operating system is completely free and can be modified by anyone under the GNU license. In the same way most of the applications and tools created for Linux OS are available for free to use on Internet. Some of the very useful and Free applications which you can install on your uk dedicated servers are explained below.

GRUB Boot Loader

Grub is a boot loader and a free application developed under GNU project available on Internet. GRUB is a multi-boot specification, which enables you to use 2 different operating systems on the same machine.

Once the GRUB is installed on your Linux Dedicated Server web hosting, the options to choose the OS are enabled. One of the benefit of this feature is that you can select different images of the kernel and pass boot time parameters on a single OS partitions to such kernels.

Most of the Linux Dedicated Hosting servers providers will aid you in installing GRUB boot loader on your server.

TCP Wrapper

This is an another application which can be download and is absolutely free to use. The free TCP Wrapper application basically works as a firewall for your own Linux based dedicated server hosting. Every incoming packet is monitored by the TCP Wrapper, thus it is termed as an acting firewall.

Also, on every attempts to login into your web server, it is checked by the TCP Wrapper and if the attempt is unauthorized, the application denies the login attempt to avoid issues.

Zend Optimizer

Zend Optimizer is a free runtime application which enables PHP to run the encoded scripts by Zend Guard. This application is one of the best way to run encoded applications. Basically, it is an application which is mostly required to run the scripts on your Linux dedicated server hosting while decrypting and running them on the fly, while increasing runtime performance.

These three free dedicated server applications can be very much helpful to increase the security of your Linux Dedicated web Servers.

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