How To Run A Reseller Hosting Company

2015-03-04 by RackBank Datacenters

With the evolution of the e-world, web hosting has gained paramount importance. Every organisation or e-business venture needs to actively maintain their online presence. This is achieved through data centers in India. But the few of you who are not capable of having their own super built up high tech infrastructure, but have those ‘byte-thoughts’ can still involve in this profitable business by being a Reseller.

You can begin your Reseller Hosting Business by renting the server space from another provider. By utilising the backend services by the main host, you can rebrand and sell the available server space at good profit-margins. Here is how you should approach your good days.

  1. Frame your business plan- Research & understand the full scope of this business. Decide whether you want to provide basic, advanced or various types of hosting services. Accordingly design the packages and pricing levels to be offered by the company.

  2. Prepare for the start-up capital- Basic funds & setup will be required for the hosting services. A reliable & powerful computer system with high speed internet, dedicated phone line, Bank A/c, payment processing solutions, legal formalities for the company’s existence, etc. would form the initial part for starting the reseller business.

  3. Choose what support to offer- Plan whether customer support is to be offered on phone or via e-mail or tech support personnel are to be hired.

  4. Choose a backend hosting provider- Check the track record and available packages from different hosting companies; compare the storage space & bandwidth available with them and the technical support they offer.

  5. Register your business- Register domain name to establish online presence of the new hosting company. Present the available hosting packages and prices on the site.

  6. Market the new business- Spread the word about your new hosting venture in the market. Create contacts with local businesses, web design companies, freelancers etc. advertise in the print and digital media initially to introduce your company’s existence.

  7. Administer & monitor- Keep a check on the smooth running of your business. Prevent site downtime and keep customers satisfied. Keep yourself updated and upgraded, thereby fulfilling the client’s needs.

Reseller Hosting Business is hence the least expensive & feasible way to earn a good amount of extra income. So become a Reseller & walk the profit lane.

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