Business Advantages Of Hacking

2013-03-13by Christa Joe

The current scenario of testing the efficiency of an organization's network to validate the protection of its confidential data and information is conducted with the practice of hacking. These hacking attempts uncover the possible loopholes and potential vulnerabilities present in a network, which could be harmful for an organization in case any other un-trustworthy hacker attempts to breach the network.

The term coined for such network security testing activity or routine is called Ethical Hacking, White Hat Hacking, red team etc. These hackers function in the same way as conventional or black-hat hacker will do with a difference of trust and intentions. While Black hat hackers intrude the network to gain materialistic benefits like monetary benefits and confidential information, white hat hackers on the other hand, aim at finding weak security areas and potential threat areas within a network and suggesting appropriate measures to check those critical conditions. Primary goals of an ethical hacking procedure are:

  • building awareness about the protection and security at all levels
  • finding out the possible vulnerabilities
  • suggesting effective security procedure
  • providing a support for current and future IT activities

Many businesses have been victims of hacking attempts in recent years including the fortune 500 companies like Apple, Twitter and New York Times. Each attempt has injected some major or minor issues related to the data of users or of the organization itself. No organization is hidden from the threats of hacking as most of the businesses are based on network these days and large number of hacker attempts is made to penetrate the perimeter and gain advantage of loose security.

A professional hacker can protect and reduce the risk of exposure to a considerable extent as the company already possesses the information on possible attacks and has implemented the security measures. A hacker helps an organization in understanding the importance of network security with their experience of hacking, and displays the ways or series of steps an intruder can actually perform to harness the company resources for his own purpose.

A professional security expert or a White Hat expert can efficiently by-pass the security solutions like

  • secure hardware
  • encrypted data
  • anti-malware, anti-viruses and firewalls

and conducts a hacking algorithm to gain access to the confidential data repository and network resources without any authentication. Afterwards, he reports all the possible threat areas and appropriate solution for the same in order to secure the organizational resources and perimeter efficiently.

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