How To Make Money As Web Hosting Reseller?

2012-05-16 by Abegail Mark

Web Hosting is becoming a profitable and fast growing business for new and upcoming entrepreneurs. To start such a web hosting business, you just have to setup a website of web hosting company and become a reseller of hosting services, i.e., a web hosting service provider to web developers and website owners. In this business you are a service provider who is purchasing web space from a large web hosting company and reselling this space to different website owners.

As a Reseller, you don’t need to setup your own servers like large service providers. Resellers are middle man who provides web hosting services by leasing web space and bandwidth from another web hosting company’s server. Resellers also have freedom to choose and decide the server providers that’s why the service provided by the resellers is very good. Users will never come to know that their service provider is a reseller or owner of servers as you can brand the services according to your comfort and requirements.

If you are planning to become an entrepreneur and make a good amount of profit without a major investment, reseller hosting business is what you should invest in. Let’s explain it with an example you can buy 100 GB space from one of the major web hosting company at a cost of 30$ per month. Now you can resell this 100 GB of space according to user requirement in smaller packages of 1 GB each for $5 per month. For instance if you sold 40 such packages your earning will be 200$ that is seven times the investment. The users typically use 1/10th or less amount of space they buy so you can sell this 100 GB of space to 400 to 500 clients easily. With every month number of clients also increases, so your income also increases many times and you are in a good business.

The income and money generated from this business is residual income that means it will continue for a long period. So if you made a client once he will pay you for years. You just have to buy a web space in bulk from a large web hosting service provider and resell it to clients in smaller packages. One of the biggest benefits of becoming a reseller hosting provider is that you need not to worry about technical aspects as those things are look after by web host. You need concentrate over the marketing aspects and make new clients.

You can also add more to this profit by recruiting more web hosting resellers to webhost via you. By doing so you will get monthly commission form the web host for these resellers. There are many different kind of web hosting that you can resell like PHP hosting, ASP Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller hosting and VPS hosting. Once as business grows you can also setup you own servers and provide such reseller services to others too but for this you need to start as a reseller.

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