Web Hosting And Its Different Types

2012-03-23 by donna sam

When you want to browse any website that site is downloaded from a web server on your web browser. A website include of many web pages which in turn made up of of texts and graphics. The space where these web sites are stored is the web server. So if you want to own a website then you will first have to approach a web server company so that your website can be hosted on a server. This service of hosting the website on the server is called web hosting and the organizations that do this are termed as web hosting providers.

A web hosting company can host many websites and thus only they want big web server spaces. All these servers are linked to the internet and can be assessed by anyone who has a web browser. The basic 4 types of hosting are:

Shared hosting :

User place their content and applications on a server, that are used by another customers at a same time, this is known as shared hosting. In this case, web host provider manage customers servers. Any online business owner who just start with their business and can't afford large amount of money, they prefer shared hosting.

VPS hosting:

VPS called virtual private server. In case of VPS, there is a method of separating a server. Every virtual server can function with its own full-fledged operating system, another thing is that every server can be separately rebooted with VPS.

In case of VPS customer can install any software as per their need. This hosting plan offer a secure environment to customer. So VPS offer you Security, Performance, Protected Mail Service, Customer Installed Applications, Flexibility, Migration, Application Templates and Support, Complete Control & Administration Tools, free back up space and many others.

Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated server is one of the popular server of web hosting market. In dedicated server user rent a full server they don't share their server with other users for their much more flexible and security. In many cases user have high ranking websites and heavy bandwidth and they have sufficient money so those users obviously prefer Dedicated Servers.

Co-location hosting:

Co-location hosting is common to dedicated hosting with one difference; the customer can own the web server hardware whereas in the other case he can only rent the server space.

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