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Web Hosting and Reliability - Is It That Important?
2011-03-31 by  Garen Arnold


As you begin to embark on your online journey, there are perhaps numerous decisions to make. Reliability in web hosting is possibly one of the most crucial components in selecting a web host; nonetheless, this aspect is most of the time, disregarded by many amateurs. The significance of a web host that is reliable can either break or make a website. Fundamentally, inexperience is the reason for the troubles encountered by the newcomers at the beginning of web hosting.

An ideal illustration of the necessity for a reliable web host can usually be seen in the four corners of the home. When there is no electrical power in the household, it will certainly make your life uncomfortable. Heaters will not be functioning in the winter season and you will end up freezing and heavy with numerous clothes on. Appliances just like the refrigerator and stove will not be operating so chances are you will not be able to cook and food might spoil. The more power is not functioning, the more, you will experience discomfort and misery.

Similarly, this kind of illustration is directly related to websites.  You have exerted too much effort to the website, driving traffic through it and making affiliate connections or doing SEO but all of a sudden your web hosting site went down. Connections are gone and the longer your website is out of order, the more damage it would result to. You will certainly lose great amount of money due to the fact that your hosting site was unreliable. Users who would like to dive into your site will be disheartened and will move on to another website. Thus, the reputation you earned from your customers will be in jeopardy.

Before actually choosing the right web hosting service for you and make that final decision, it is highly recommended to make an extensive assessment of the many web hosting companies. Look for a dependable web host which can definitely provide you with features such as presence of server monitoring and security to make certain that the website is safe and there should be live technical support 24 hours, seven days a week and all throughout the year.  One company that I love is Hostgator because their customer service is top notch.

One prime example on why I love them is because they are handsdown one of the most reliable and easiest host to work with.  Here is a short version of a story that once happen to me when I started out my web hosting journey about 3 years ago.  I was a newbie to affiliate marketing and finally after 6 months developed a site that sold weight loss products and I started to get high rankings in Google, and everything and was getting hundreds and hundreds of hits a day.  I think it was more like 1,000 or so.  Anyways this web hosting company I am not going to name banned my site because I was using to many resources on a shared plan.  Imagine my surprise as I had to fight with them to get my files back so I could move on to another hosting service.  Hostgator on the other hand will always send you notifications when you are starting to use to many processes or resources.  My example just shut me down with no notice one day.  Some host are really unreliable, and if you are like me you heavily rely on your websites for money.

Moreover, site backups must be done on a daily basis. The uptime of service must be guaranteed at a high percentage and there should be fast Internet connectivity. Look for web hosting companies that are well-established and are included among the top ten companies based on the recommendations of the clients.  In addition, make certain that these web hosting companies have excellent repute with the Better Business Bureau. Do not just settle for less when you want to provide effective service in the world of web hosting.  Reliability should always be given topmost consideration in choosing the right web host.

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