Cloud computing is what it is all about

2010-07-07by Zetta Grid

When it comes to the future of IT, cloud computing is what it is all about. Even traditional software companies, such as Microsoft, are turning their software into applications that are more cloud friendly and can interact over the internet more easily and faster than ever before.

The reasons cloud computing is becoming so popular will vary from company to company, but there are some common threads to those reasons that make cloud computing appealing to almost every industry around the globe.

Instant access is very appealing to businesses and individuals. No one likes to wait for products and services in today's age. That is why fast food restaurants and overnight shipping is so popular. Well, that same concept is applied to cloud computing, there is almost no waiting for extra storage or a much needed application for a business function.

No one likes a contract, and with many cloud computing services, you pay for what you need when you need it. No contracts, no penalties for cancelling services, and no deposits either mean that financially your company has the freedom to use what it needs and leave when it no longer finds the service necessary. Keep in mind that most companies bill by the month, and will not refund for partial months, so planning on using services for full months will make the most financial sense.

Many companies will lease a license to you. This means that your operating system does not cost a large chunk of cash up front, but rather that you can pay for it as you pay for your cloud computing services. Depending on the services the company offers this can apply to other software licenses as well. Keep in mind that if you have a Linux powered OS, and then you do not have pay licensing fees. Most cloud computing companies have an uptime of 99% or higher. Most corporate IT departments cannot boast that uptime. This is due to the fact that cloud computing companies have many servers in different locations around the world. If one is not accessible, then your queries are automatically rerouted through another server to access the data needed.

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