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Zettagrid is an Australia-wide cloud computing hosting provider, providing infrastructure for IaaS and PaaS. On demand servers, running either Linux or Windows are available and can be setup and running within minutes.

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Cloud Computing vs Grid Computing
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-19 02:19:16 in Cloud Computing

Grid computing has been around for a long time, and sometime is confused with cloud computing. To be honest, these processes are not the same and should not be confused with each other. Cloud and grid computing are two different operations.


Cloud Computing Concerns
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-12 02:20:30 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is still in its infancy, and many concerns about the service have not been resolved, and some probably have not been thought about. When shopping around for a cloud computing company, you may want to ask about many of the concerns being discussed in the cloud computing community and how that company is planning on handling those issues.


Cloud computing is what it is all about
by Zetta Grid - 2010-07-07 02:09:07 in Cloud Computing

When it comes to the future of IT, cloud computing is what it is all about. Even traditional software companies, such as Microsoft, are turning their software into applications that are more cloud friendly and can interact over the internet more easily and faster than ever before.