StrongLink Advances Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage Management

11:21:23 - 02 March 2023

New StrongLink features help organizations better manage and realize move value and independence from cloud storage.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (PRWEB) - StrongLink, the leading provider of autonomous large-scale data management and archive solutions has released enhanced cloud storage support with specific functionality that allows organizations to gain more value and flexibility from cloud storage.

Built upon StrongLink’s ability to manage data across any storage, the new feature updates(1) further StrongLink’s ability to apply advanced on-prem storage operations to Cloud Storage providers. New and notable Cloud Storage features include:

  • S3 IBR: Immutable Feature allows StrongLink to protect against data deletion by safeguarding data written to S3 Cloud Storage providers.
  • Hard Delete: Ensures that data written to an S3 target is hard written by performing 2-step verification.
  • Containers: Allows for multiple S3 “Buckets” to be created.
  • Black Pearl Store Support: Enables enterprises to write using the S3 Protocol directly to SpectraLogic storage systems.
  • Export Versioning: Provides the ability to identify the differences between various versions without accessing the S3 bucket and comparing.
  • Glacier Support: Enables enterprises to present the Glacier Tier of AWS on virtually any storage target.
  • Azure Support: Enables enterprises to extend StrongLink’s global file system across Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage, allowing ubiquitous data access.

“Enterprises have more private and public cloud storage platforms than ever from which to choose to store their archival and backup data. However, an unexpected barrier that enterprises encounter when using multiple cloud storage platforms is effectively managing the various storage protocols used to place data on these platforms,” said Jerome Wendt, President, and Founder of DCIG, a leading technology analyst and research firm. “StrongLink’s deep knowledge of multigenerational backup and active archive storage protocols, coupled with its advanced global file system and AI, well positions enterprises to address this specific challenge.”

“StrongLink continues to deliver additional layers of complementary protection security to address the ongoing increase of cybersecurity attacks,” said Andrew Hall, CEO of StrongLink. “A universal, intelligent data management platform that enables security, enhances workflow, and eliminates the protocol barriers is critical in an era of cloud and web services, StrongLink is rising to the challenge of tomorrow’s infrastructure architectures.”

For more information on StrongLink’s latest product enhancements for Hybrid Cloud Data Storage, visit our website at http://www.stronglink.com.

About StrongLink
StrongLink is the leader in intelligent data management. By using AI and Smart Data Management, we have helped the largest enterprises across 17 industries reduce costs as well as to protect and simplify data management. StrongLink has been servicing the world’s most demanding data environments since 2008.

(1) Version 3.4


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