Cloud Maven, Inc. Announces The Global Launch Of Secure Email On Salesforce AppExchange

15:05:03 - 17 November 2021

Cloud Maven, Inc. unveiled the much-anticipated Secure Email inside Salesforce

NEW YORK (PRWEB)November 17, 2021 - The recipient of Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 2021, Cloud Maven, Inc. has launched yet another breakthrough application, Secure Email, on Salesforce AppExchange which enables healthcare providers to deliver HIPAA compliant, encrypted emails via Salesforce directly to patient's inboxes.

This innovation is about security, encryption, and ease of use. Not all email platforms support email encryption, which means that some of the emails you send via Salesforce will be delivered in plain text. Secure Email eliminates this issue by confirming that your message recipient supports encryption before delivering an encrypted email to their inbox. If your recipient does not support encryption, they can access your message via a secure HTTPS weblink with one click.

This exciting application is made possible through an integration with Paubox’s HITRUST CSF-certified email API. Paubox’s modern, streamlined approach to HIPAA-compliant email has revolutionized the healthcare industry and is a total game-changer.

Secure Email enhances communication by seamlessly disseminating secure information to your patients and enabling fast and easy responses to customer inquiries. It also streamlines business processes, enabling you to accomplish more in less time by eliminating extra steps like plugins, key phrases, and portals.

“Our mission is to become the market leader by building personalized software solutions and services and automating various business processes. The recipient of the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award, 2021 is a leading indicator of our progress towards this goal,” said Managing Director and CFO of Cloud Maven, Inc., Jugal Khanna.

Secure Email comes with incredible features. No PINs, no passwords, no portals to log into. Secure emails are encrypted by Paubox’s technology using TLS 1.2 protocol, and AES encryption protects patient information at rest. You can send HIPAA compliant email via Salesforce directly to the inboxes of multiple recipients at once. The astonishingly low-priced product is user-friendly and fully customizable.

Cloud Maven, Inc., a Salesforce Certified ISV Partner, is a software solution provider company based in New York. Founded in 2015, with a team of dedicated and highly skilled certified software developers and digital transformation specialists, who evolve, automate, and streamline services. Cloud Maven, Inc. offers their clients scalable solutions using their?diverse Salesforce?products, without the need to switch the platform. The application is available on Salesforce AppExchange. For more information on Cloud Maven, Inc. call?+1(917) 310-3337?or visit https://cloudmaveninc.com/

About Paubox
Paubox provides secure email for modern healthcare. Right out of the box. Paubox leads the HIPAA Compliant Email industry and is the highest rated HIPAA compliant software on G2, winning accolades for Best Email Encryption Software, Best HIPAA Compliant Messaging Software, and Best Secure Email Gateway Software. Coupled with its HITRUST CSF certification, customers can trust Paubox to provide them with seamless, secure, and compliant email solutions.

About Salesforce AppExchange
Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, empowers companies to sell, service, market and engage in entirely new ways. It is the most comprehensive source of cloud, mobile, social, IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies for businesses.

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