State-backed Cyber Attacks Pose Dangerous Threat To Business

09:23:09 - 02 April 2021

Cybersecurity expert explores the threat of state-backed cyber attacks and how to counter them to protect your business—in a new article from Messaging Architects

HOBOKEN, N.J. (PRWEB) - Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and cybersecurity expert explores state-backed cyber attacks in a new article. The informative article first names the SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange hacks as examples of state-backed attacks on business.

The author then reviews the players and goals of the countries involved in cyber attacks. Claiming that no business is immune from state-backed cyberattacks, he concludes by sharing five tips to counter such attacks.

“The susceptibility of any business to state-backed cyberattacks comes down to the value of the organization to the attackers for political or financial benefit,” stated Greg Smith, Vice President of Services Delivery at Messaging Architects.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “State-backed Cyber Attacks Pose Dangerous Threat to Business.”

Lawless Frontier Invites Multiple Players

“In recent years, countries have increasingly turned to the cyber arena to conduct espionage and warfare. Unlike traditional warfare, very few international laws exist to govern cyber warfare. And, while Russia and China currently dominate the stage, smaller countries can also make a big impact with a relatively small investment.”

No Business Immune from State-backed Cyber Attacks

“While movies make attacking government agencies look relatively easy, these agencies generally employ extremely robust security. In the business arena, however, executives too often prefer to deflect funds away from cybersecurity to areas that directly affect revenue. Consequently, businesses make attractive targets to achieve key goals.”

Protecting Business

“In many respects, state-backed hackers use the same tactics as other common cyber attacks. Phishing schemes, denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and man-in-the-middle operations are especially popular, for example. However, these attacks generally present an unusually high degree of sophistication, run by well-educated and well-equipped engineers.”

Security Partners Offer Peace of Mind

When facing a dangerous enemy, business leaders need powerful allies on their side who deliver multiple layers of protection to minimize organization risk. Partnering with proven security experts takes the guesswork out of creating an effective cybersecurity strategy.

The security specialists at Messaging Architects make it their business to stay abreast of both current threats and the cyber security strategies needed to effectively counter them. They conduct comprehensive risk assessments and work to tailor security plans to customers’ needs and budgets.

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