GigaSpaces Drives Digital Transformation With The Launch Of InsightEdge Portfolio, A New Suite Of In-Memory Computing Platforms

11:33:03 - 03 December 2020

Smart Platforms Accelerate and Scale Digital Applications, Analytics and Operational BI on Any Data, at Any Load, Across Any Environment with Rapid Time-To- Market and Lower Costs

NEW YORK,Dec. 3, 2020/PRNewswire/ -- GigaSpaces announced today the InsightEdge portfolio, a new suite of in-memory computing platforms, designed to drive enterprise digital transformation with unparalleled speed, performance and scale. Combined with AIOps functionality, GigaSpaces delivers the easiest to deploy and manage portfolio of software platforms that meet the most challenging enterprise data and analytics processing needs. As more companies launch new digital services to thrive in today's digital economy, they can drastically reduce time-to-market, ensure rapid application response times and the highest performance levels, with lower total-cost-of ownership.

GigaSpaces' comprehensive InsightEdge portfolio includes the following in-memory platforms:

InsightEdge Smart Cache: The fastest, most scalable distributed caching tier on any operational data source, designed to accelerate digital applications and fuel real-time reporting and BI. Smart Cache is optimized for rapidly changing data and multi-criteria queries; and is fully SQL compatible. 

InsightEdge Smart ODS (Operational Data Store): A distributed in-memory Digital Integration Hub with unparalleled low-latency, high-performance and scale that aggregates and offloads from multiple back-end systems of record and data stores on premise and on cloud. Smart ODS delivers the agility to introduce new digital applications and the ability to deploy real-time operational analytics and BI.

InsightEdge Smart Augmented Transactions: An in-memory translytical platform that unifies streaming, real-time transactional (ACID compliant) and analytical processing for instant insights and closed loop decision making.

"Enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives as they move to online services, migrate to the cloud, introduce operational BI, and launch new data-driven applications," saidAdi Paz, CEO at GigaSpaces. "Our new InsightEdge portfolio redefines in-memory computing by combining the required extreme performance speed and scale with the easiest to deploy and manage platforms across on-premise, cloud, hybrid and multicloud environments to support our customers' needs - today, tomorrow and into the future."

The expanded GigaSpaces portfolio is powered by a unique combination of smart and autonomous data operations and management capabilities including one-click integrations with on-premise and cloud operational data stores, automatic data modeling, business-policy data tiering and dynamic scaling.

  • Unparalleled performance, speed and scale - Low latency, high-throughput transactional processing accelerates applications, analytics and operational BI. The platforms are fueled by distributed in-memory speed, colocation of business logic and data in memory, secondary indexing and server-side aggregations.
  • Optimized TCO with AIOPs for autonomous operations and management - AI-driven autonomous scaling for transactional and analytical workloads handles unplanned peak events without performance degradation or downtime; optimizing resource allocation to avoid overprovisioning on-premises and on the cloud.
    Business- driven caching based on the application's business policy for full control over which data is saved in cache and when to evict to SSD or data stores for SLA-driven optimization of cost and performance.
  • Rapid go-to-market powered by no-code database integrations and microservices architecture - One-click database integration for faster time-to-market and ongoing data integration to radically reduce development overhead by automatically scanning the source schema and metadata and mapping them to the GigaSpaces data model.
  • Cloud native one-click deployment across all environments - Out-of-the-box, fully agnostic, cloud management functionality, such as hot rolling deployment, upgrade, monitoring, scaling and recovery; all with no downtime for on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multicloud environments.

Learn more about the new InsightEdge Portfolio at www.gigaspaces.com.

About GigaSpaces

The GigaSpaces InsightEdge portfolio delivers fastest, scalable and easiest to deploy in-memory computing platforms to meet the most challenging enterprise data and analytics processing needs for accelerating and scaling real-time applications, analytics and operational BI on any data, at any load, across any environment.
One-click integrations with on-premise and cloud operational data stores, automatic data modeling, business-policy data tiering and AI-driven autonomous scaling reduce time-to-market and ensure rapid response times and highest performance levels, with lower TCO.
Hundreds of Tier-1 and Fortune-listed organizations and OEMs across financial services, retail, transportation, telecom, healthcare, and more trust GigaSpaces for powering their mission critical services to optimize business operations, comply with regulations and enhance the customer experience. GigaSpaces offices are located in the US,Europe andIsrael with partners around the globe; serving customers such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, CSX, Goldman Sachs, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Avanza Bank, SITA, Avaya, Frequentis, CLSA, Groupe PSA and UBS.

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