Live Webcast: Top 4 Global Public Cloud's Performance Compared

11:26:06 - 22 July 2019

SOFIA, Bulgaria,July 22, 2019/PRNewswire/ -- Cloud providers and hosting companies are in an extremely competitive market. Their customers expect all-flash performance and 100% uptime, while they demand lower and lower prices. 

Helping customers every day, StorPool released a report that compares the shared block storage offerings of several leading public clouds - Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, OVH, DreamHost, ToggleBox, eApps and others.

7 virtual machines, with identical parameters (8 vCPUs, 16GB RAM) and various pricing (priced$69to$188), were procured by StorPool from all tested clouds. Further StorPool procured 7 identical block storage volumes from each of these providers and attached them as virtual disks to the VMs that were being tested.

Now StorPool invites cloud providers and hosting companies to join a live webcast and see how they compare to the big players. Attendees will be presented the full report and will discover how the cloud giants Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, DreamHost and OVH are performing and can compare their own performance to the cloud leaders.


  • Performance measurement of leading cloud providers;
  • Tools to measure own cloud performance;
  • Useful guide on how to calculate cloud TCO (total cost of ownership);
  • Pieces of advice on how to measure competitiveness;
  • How to estimate market positioning and perform better than the cloud giants.

The webcast if free but requires a registration here:


StorPool is a new generation block-storage software. It runs on standard servers and delivers all-flash performance, seamless scalability and increased reliability. StorPool is the only solution on the market, specifically developed for cloud builders and service providers. It is tailored for building fast and reliable cloud & hosting services at reasonable prices. StorPool achieves impressive Return On Investments.

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