Datera Emerges From Stealth To Bring AWS-Like Elastic Block Storage To Enterprises And Service Providers

02:25:59 - 12 April 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 12, 2016) -  Datera emerged from stealth today and immediately launched its first product -- Datera Elastic Data Fabric™. Datera Elastic Data Fabric is the first storage solution for enterprise and service provider clouds that is designed with DevOps style operations in mind. Datera Elastic Data Fabric is scale-out storage software that turns standard, commodity hardware into a RESTful API-driven, policy-based storage fabric for large-scale clouds.

Datera Elastic Data Fabric makes Infrastructure as Code a reality for DevOps environments who have struggled for too long against the cumbersome operations requirements of legacy storage infrastructure. Now enterprise and service provider clouds can enjoy the operational efficiencies that have given the likes of AWS and Google their competitive edge.

Datera Elastic Data Fabric is already being used in production by multiple large enterprises and service providers worldwide.

Today Datera also announced $40 million in funding from Khosla Ventures, Samsung Ventures and Silicon Valley luminaries Andy Bechtolsheim and Pradeep Sindhu: http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/release_html_b1?release_id=1253121.

"In the cloud era, things scale up and down constantly. It's always in flux. At scale, you can't operate this kind of environment manually. It must be automated," said Marc Fleischmann, Co-Founder and CEO of Datera. "In this world, customers want their storage fast, at scale, with a self-service delivery model. They can't afford to wait for someone to hand-craft a LUN whenever a developer needs some storage."

The methods that worked for administering storage in the pre-cloud era simply do not scale to the degree required to manage modern DevOps environments. To achieve the responsiveness and agility demanded of today's IT leaders requires fundamentally changing the way storage is controlled.

Datera Elastic Data Fabric brings elastic block storage efficiency, control and economics to cloud data centers. Datera Elastic Data Fabric natively integrates through iSCSI with OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware vSphere and container orchestration platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos.

Key features include:

  • API-first operations provides web-scale automation with full infrastructure programmability.
  • Policy based configuration leaves the details to Datera Elastic Data Fabric so customers can optimize price/performance for each application without hand-crafting every LUN.
  • Grow-as-you-go model so customers only buy what they need when they need it. The scale-out architecture of Datera Elastic Data Fabric means customers do not need to compromise on performance or capacity.
  • Flash-first design delivers high efficiency and low latency (< 1ms) across distributed, diverse storage media types. This maximizes application performance and access density.
  • Multi-tenancy and quality of service for cloud-native and traditional workloads optimizes asset utilization and simplifies operations across containers, VMs and bare-metal.
  • Heterogeneous component support makes it possible for IT and DevOps to seamlessly scale across many configurations and generations of industry standard x86 servers with multiple storage media types.

User Quotes

  • "With the Datera Elastic Data Fabric, the storage gets out of the way. Users can get what they want, when they want it, quickly and efficiently," said Wes Jossey, Sr. Director of Engineering at Tapjoy, a mobile industry personalized monetization platform. "Datera just threw out the rulebook on storage, and we should all take notice."
  • "Datera has enabled Packet to deliver a high performance, consistent and profitable elastic block storage service to our customers," said Zachary Smith, CEO of Packet, a cloud infrastructure company that provides on-demand bare-metal servers. "What makes Datera so unique is its software DNA. With Datera, we can use a true API-driven storage platform that can keep pace with our dynamic workload requirements and demanding automation needs. Datera Elastic Data Fabric self-describes and self-optimizes so we can easily and economically scale our storage service."

Industry Analyst Quotes

  • "Datera Elastic Data Fabric's scale-out elastic block storage solution provides private and public cloud data center environments with a way to cohesively manage software-defined technologies and next generation cloud native application workloads. The Elastic Data Fabric allocates resources based on the declarative intentions of the underlying workload," said Colm Keegan, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. "This lets businesses spend less time on infrastructure care and feeding, and more time on innovation."
  • "With cloud adoption becoming mainstream, data center infrastructure needs to fuse enterprise capabilities with a cloud consumption model," said Christopher R. Wilder, Practice Leader and Senior Analyst of Cloud Services and Enterprise Software at Moor Insights & Strategy. "Datera Elastic Data Fabric uniquely delivers automation at scale to storage on commodity servers and the ability to adapt to continuously changing application needs. This self-optimizing system, combined with an API-first consumption approach is a solution that we believe DevOps teams and IT leaders will find easy to embrace."

Additional Industry Support

  • "As the leading OpenStack distribution in the world, Mirantis is working closely with the customers and infrastructure providers who are leading the next wave in cloud," said Greg Elkinbard, Senior Technical Director at Mirantis. "Solutions like Datera Elastic Data Fabric change the cloud infrastructure landscape and make it possible for our customers to enjoy low-latency, high performance, service delivery speed and cost efficiencies that were simply not possible before."
  • "In order to achieve the benefits promised by containers and microservices, the application development process and the underlying infrastructure must be designed to power modern application architectures," said Florian Leibert, Co-Founder and CEO at Mesosphere. "Datera Elastic Data Fabric's architecture definitely meets this requirement, complementing our Datacenter Operating System with a very low-latency and high-performance block storage system that allows container operations teams to deliver both micro-services scale and transaction speeds."

Pricing and Availability
Datera Elastic Data Fabric is available today in a "grow-as-you-go model" both as software-only and appliance versions. Starting configurations deliver 150TB of capacity with 150,000 IOPS and seamlessly support scaling mix-and-match node configurations.

About Datera
Founded by the authors and maintainers of the Linux I/O storage stack, Datera brings hyperscale operations and economics to private and public clouds. Datera's products are used in production by large enterprises and service providers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and is backed by Khosla Ventures, Samsung Ventures and Silicon Valley luminaries Andy Bechtolsheim and Pradeep Sindhu. For more information, visit http://datera.io or follow @DateraInc on Twitter.

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    Amber Rowland


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