JavaPipe Launches New DDoS Protected VPS Hosting

06:13:31 - 18 January 2016

Brand New DDoS Protected VPS Product by Security Provider JavaPipe

After its move to a new data center facility in New York earlier this year, the Java hosting and DDoS protection provider JavaPipe launched a new DDoS protected VPS product series in addition to its dedicated server offers.

The VPS nodes use the latest Intel Xeon CPUs, high-frequency DDR3 RAM and local SSD storage for fast, low-latency I/O operations. This makes the virtual servers suitable to run applications that require high performance, such as game servers, as well as busy web and database servers.

JavaPipe decided to use the proven Xen virtualization technology to maintain a high level of manageability while allowing users to customize their kernel settings and be in complete control over the operating Linux system.

The DDoS Protection

JavaPipe's DDoS protection consists of three DDoS mitigation layers to combat any type of DDoS attack as efficiently as possible:

  1. Static ACLs: The first layer of DDoS defense consists of ACLs (Access Control Lists) to mitigate reflection DDoS attacks before they can enter the network

  2. RioRey Equipment: The second layer consists of RioRey DDoS mitigation hardware that mitigates most remaining network and application layer attacks

  3. PipeGuard In-House DDoS Firewalls: The third layer consists of newly developed in-house firewalls that detect and block all remaining DDoS attack traffic instantly

By default all VPS products come with 10Gbps/2Mpps DDoS protection, but it can be upgraded to 50Gbps+ dedicated or burstable protection levels.

The DDoS Protected VPS Solution

All virtual servers utilize Xen virtualization, SSD storage and Intel Xeon CPUs for maximum performance and flexibility. Resources can be selected dynamically, which means that users only pay for the resources they actually need and don't have to purchase fixed plans.

JavaPipe provides different levels of management for its VPS products, depending on the user's needs and expertise. Available management levels:

  • Unmanaged: For experts who don't need any software management

  • Semi Managed: For advanced users who might need a hand every now and then

  • Fully Managed: Completely managed VPS hosting, which includes the Vesta hosting control panel, advanced layer 7 DDoS protection, a WAF (Web Application Firewall) against hacking attempts and also features support of the new HTTP/2 protocol. Ideal for users who don't want to worry about their web hosting and just manage their website

JavaPipe's broad-ranging protected hosting solutions fit the needs of everyone who's looking for a secure place host his online application.

With the occurrences of DDoS attacks constantly increasing and causing damages to businesses every day, it becomes mandatory to think of a cyber security strategy when launching an online platform. JavaPipe specializes in providing the necessary foundation for a successful cyber defense plan.


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