Compass Datacenters Unveils Data Center Configurator To Assist Customers With Buying Decisions

03:14:23 - 30 January 2013

Educates Organizations About How to Select the Right Data Center Facility for Their Needs

Compass Datacenters has created a new tool that provides organizations with practical, un-biased information about how to select the type of data center facility that best meets their technical and business needs. The tool is an online data center configurator that is an educational resource for decision-makers involved in the planning phase for a data center project, directing users to the type of facility and the providers that meet their objectives.

“This is the equivalent of tools offered by insurance companies to help customers select the level of coverage that best suits their needs. It provides un-filtered, un-biased information about all the available options without trying to steer people toward pre-determined selections. We want it to be a valuable resource to help them make the right choice for their next data center project,” said Chris Crosby, Founder and CEO of Compass Datacenters. “There are a lot of providers that try to be all things to all people, and it is difficult to discern in the decision-making process. This is our attempt to cut through the noise and offer help that wants to educate rather than sell.”

“Selecting the right data center can be a confusing process because of the increasing complexity of these projects coupled with information overload. This complexity provides data center providers with the opportunity to educate and help customers,” said Jeff Paschke, Research Director at 451 Research. “Compass’ configurator will help point people in the right direction so they avoid the false starts and costly mistakes that too often happen with major data center projects.”

The data center configurator is based on a simple philosophy: The best data center solution is a function of the customer’s unique requirements. The process of choosing the right solution and provider must start with an understanding of the company’s specific technical and business needs. Too often, the process starts with a solution in mind and then tries to impose that on a company’s needs, but the data center configurator helps companies avoid that mistake by walking users through a decision-making process that matches the best option to the specific set of challenges and needs of their organization.

To learn more about the data center configurator and to use it to plan your next data center project, visit: http://www.compassdatacenters.com/type-data-center-need/.

About Compass Datacenters

Compass Datacenters builds and operates standalone data centers using its patent-pending Truly Modular™ Architecture, which provide customers with dedicated wholesale solutions where they need them. The innovative design of its facilities make it possible for Compass Datacenters to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for customers anywhere in the United States, serving the vast majority of companies that are not located in the few markets where geographically-constrained data center facilities are currently concentrated. For more information, visit www.compassdatacenters.com.


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