WiredTree Adds R1Soft To Dedicated Servers, Slashes Prices In Half

05:20:37 - 29 October 2012

Managed dedicated server provider WiredTree announces launch of R1Soft CDP to help customers protect their data.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 29, 2012 - Leading managed dedicated server hosting provider WiredTree (http://www.wiredtree.com), announced today the launch of R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) on all dedicated server hosting plans. WiredTree now offers customers with a best-in-class web hosting backup solution at the lowest prices. In addition to investing in the infrastructure required to ensure fast and complete backups, WiredTree is also leveraging efficiency to cut the cost of R1Soft backups by 50 percent, making industry-leading backups available at an aggressively competitive price.

“WiredTree has a great deal of experience with R1Soft,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. “We previously offered R1Soft backups by special request on our dedicated server hosting plans and on Hybrid web hosting services. With the launch of R1Soft CDP version 4, we now feel that the product meets the high standards our managed dedicated server customers demand. In addition to R1Soft’s impressive features, we have also invested more than $100,000 in an infrastructure that is optimized for backups.”

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (R1Soft CDP) is a software solution that takes snapshots of an entire dedicated server as frequently as every 15 minutes. Unlike other web hosting backup services, R1Soft CDP only transfers the data that has changed on a server, keeping backup windows small and reducing the risk of lost data. However, the promise of Continuous Data Protection can only be met if a hosting provider invests in a suitable hardware setup. Before launching R1Soft services for managed dedicated server customers, WiredTree built new storage SANs, using custom hardware with a file system designed for performance and reliability. These storage nodes are accelerated with solid-state drives (SSDs), providing read/write processes that are dramatically faster than hard disk drive (HDD) configurations.

“If we were to start offering R1Soft services without the right storage, performance and reliability would suffer across the board,” says Cogswell. “It is important to us that customers can keep their data safe using R1Soft, without affecting website performance or significantly increasing costs. We have been able to implement R1Soft in such a way that customers using dedicated server hosting plans will reap all of the benefits, without any negative effects. Performance will continue to meet our high standards, bandwidth used for backups is not taken from customer allocations, and – best of all – we can do all of this at half the price we were charging for R1Soft backups.”

As a result of the investment involved in such a large implementation of R1Soft CDP, WiredTree is able to provide enterprise-grade backups at a heavily discounted price. In addition, using R1Soft CDP does not add hidden costs in terms of bandwidth usage. For faster performance, all backups are carried out on WiredTree’s private internal network, meaning that this data is not counted in a customer’s bandwidth allocation. WiredTree has also considered the impact of R1Soft backups on workload and ease of use. R1Soft CDP is a fully automated solution that is managed by WiredTree along with each customer’s managed dedicated server hosting service. Customers can use their Grove client portal to monitor R1Soft and edit specific settings as necessary. But once the service is launched, customers can confidently trust R1Soft and WiredTree to protect all their data with no manual input.

“A managed dedicated server promises incredible performance without the need to manage your own hardware,” says Cogswell. “We have decided to add R1Soft to dedicated server hosting because we believe, particularly with the new version of R1Soft, we can keep data safe without adding expense or workload. We encourage every webmaster who takes data protection seriously to make use of R1Soft and our half-price solution that is available to new and existing customers alike.”

With a forward-thinking approach to dedicated server hosting, WiredTree continues to expand its service lineup and give customers more tools they need to make full use of their dedicated servers. Now, with the addition of R1Soft CDP at competitive prices, customers can confidently host their websites and applications with complete peace of mind.

Customers interested in learning more about WiredTree and its range of managed dedicated server hosting plans are encouraged to visit http://www.wiredtree.com.

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WiredTree was formed in June 2006 to set a new standard for managed dedicated and VPS hosting. The goal was to provide our clients with a superior managed hosting environment for our clients through customer service, innovative network design, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in server hardware. A managed hosting environment that not only supported our clients at all levels, but also provided a true value.To realize this goal we created a modernized internal support structure to better handle client issues and... read more

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