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04:48:57 - 24 October 2012

Wednesday, 24th October 2012 - eUKhost Ltd. - Leeds, UK- eUKhost®™ Ltd, one of the UK’s leading premium web hosting providers, today launched CloudCopy, an innovative cloud-based backup service that will provide users with a secure and reliable method of backing up their local files so that they can be accessed from a number of different platforms. As well as providing a web interface through which customers can view their files, eUKhost Ltd has also developed a desktop application that is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac computers ensuring that customers are able to interact with their CloudCopy account as if it were local storage space (allowing for use with applications such as Windows Explorer and Finder on Mac OSX).

Files stored in CloudCopy are encrypted using an encryption key that is defined by the end-user when setting up the desktop application making CloudCopy more secure as compared to similar services because this key cannot be reset by anyone apart from the customer. This also ascertains that no one else apart from the user view the CloudCopy files under the user’s account. CloudCopy is a highly secure and cost-optimized backup solution helping you lower the backup costs. eUKhost Ltd has designed the solution to offer a high level of reliability along with ease of deployment, both of which are factors that will contribute in saving time and money for the users.

Starting at just £3 per month, eUKhost’s CloudCopy solution represents an affordable and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. Along with desktop integration, CloudCopy can also be used in conjunction with popular enterprise-class systems such as MySQL (Windows and Linux servers) and Microsoft SQL Server (Windows servers) for database applications and Microsoft Exchange Server for email and collaboration services.  As a server administrator, CloudCopy could be used to backup an entire server if necessary, providing you the ability to restore your servers in no time at all if faced with a situation that result in data loss.

As files that are open whilst the process is running can also be included in the backup, CloudCopy can maintain constant and most recent backups of these systems without interrupting the access that the user has to these applications.

The Windows CloudCopy application requires .NET framework 2.0 or above which is common with most Windows versions and can be used with all versions of Windows XP to date. The Linux and Mac OSX desktop applications require Java 1.6 or above to be installed.

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