Cloud Computing Needs a Hero. Introducing Liquid Web Smart Servers! Cloud Enabled Dedicated Servers Guaranteed by Heroic Support.

11:14:59 - 01 March 2011

LANSING, Mich. /PRNewswire/ -- Liquid Web invented a proprietary technology called 'SMART SERVERS' that blend the best of managed dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of Cloud Computing.  Liquid Web "Smart Servers" are dedicated servers combined with powerful cloud computing features - all guaranteed by Liquid Web 24x7 Heroic Support.  Now you don't have to worry about the challenges inherent with public cloud offerings like instability, contention for I/O, uncertain hardware infrastructure and enormous individual usage charges for every item.

"Lets face it, Cloud Computing Needs a Hero! Cloud Computing is a nebulous term and people still disagree about the definition.  As a 14 year veteran of the hosting industry, I was able to watch the technology evolve and use my experience in Dedicated Hosting to take the best aspects of cloud computing and make itpractical, powerful and simple. The barrier to entry for Cloud Computing is now Zero.

Users want a familiar environment to manage their infrastructure, ability to scale up or down as needed easily, automatic migrations, servers with included bandwidth and unbeatable Heroic Support.  Users now have a complete solution: Liquid Web Smart Servers.

Liquid Web Smart Servers Dashboard gives you the tools to perform complex server administration tasks easily. All Liquid Web customers and the general public may now access Liquid Web Smart Servers and begin deploying servers in minutes!"

- Matthew Hill - Liquid Web Founder and CEO

Liquid Web smart servers are complete familiar dedicated servers exclusively allocated to you, with zero contention for resources! This eliminates the security concerns that come with a shared environment like many other cloud providers. With Smart Servers, you will never have to compete for I/O with another user or be uncertain about the underlying hardware that your application resides on. Liquid Web Smart Servers allow users to select the exact hardware configuration they desire just like ordering a traditional dedicated server!

The Smart Server Provisioning System was engineered by Liquid Web's Software Development Team in Scottsdale, Arizonaand Lansing, Michigan. The Smart Server Provisioning System allows for powerful cloud enabled features including:

  • Automatic Migrations
  • Create one or many Dedicated Servers in Minutes
  • Flexible Daily Billing so you only pay for what you use
  • Advanced Networking Made Easy
  • Clone and Resize Servers with ease


With Liquid Web Smart Servers, the hassles of a traditional Dedicated Server are eliminated. Automatic Migrationsseamlessly move your entire server environment from one hardware platform to a new hardware platform in minutes with the click of a button. If you need to upgrade to a larger CPU to accommodate for a spike in load. Simply click "resize", pick your new hardware platform, and Smart Servers Automatically Migrates your data to the new hardware seamlessly!

Liquid Web Smart Servers also make advanced networking configurations easy. For Security, a dedicated firewall that operates outside of your server environment is included.  Private networking and redundant Zeus load balancer's can all be configured easily from within the Smart Server Dashboard. It is now possible to create high availability websites that are scalable horizontally and vertically from within one powerful interface.

Liquid Web Smart Servers include 6,000 GB of bandwidth FREE with every server configuration!

Liquid Web Smart Servers perfectly blend the benefits of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of cloud computing within an easy to use dashboard that puts you in control.  Liquid Web's world renowned Heroic Support comes with all Liquid Web Smart Servers. Unlimited live chat, phone, email and help desk support is available 24x7x365. We guarantee a 30 minute response time and back that up with a 10X payback SLA guarantee.

Finally cloud computing has a hero!

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Liquid Web Inc. is a privately held managed web hosting company founded in 1997, with three wholly owned data center facilities located in Lansing, Michigan. In 2010 Liquid Web opened a software development office in Scottsdale, Arizona. Liquid Web is a leader in the professional web hosting market with an unwavering dedication to providing the best hosting products available.  Liquid Web has over 20,000 clients served in over 120 countries.  To service our customers we have assembled a world class Heroic Support staff and a proactive Sonar Server Monitoring team, professionally educated and easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Liquid Web received the INC.5000 Fastest Growing Companies award in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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Unmatched Heroic SupportLiquid Web has established a world class Heroic Support team that is professionally educated and available on site at each data center 24 hours per day. There are currently over 150 Heroic Support engineers. This includes a dedicated Sonar Monitoring division that monitors and pro-actively responds to, and corrects, any issue that is identified. This includes network, hardware, infrastructure and application level errors.  Heroic Support allows our customers to rest easy knowing their web sites are in good hands. ... read more

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