SWsoft Introduces Plesk Supporting New Software-as-a-Service Standard

01:29:06 - 11 July 2007

Features Single Sign-On Technology, E-Commerce and E-Mail Protection Add-ons

HERNDON, Va. Service providers can now offer their customers software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with minimal integration costs and downtime by using the next-generation Plesk control panel solution, announced today by SWsoft.

SWsoft Plesk 8.2 supports the Application Packaging Standard (APS), which defines a specification for software vendors to create “pluggable” applications that can be delivered by any service provider. The new Plesk software also includes Single Sign-On (SSO) technology, which streamlines the integration required by modern SaaS solutions by allowing end-users to manage applications using a single login and password.

"Plesk 8.2 is a major milestone for SWsoft that will allow service providers to extend affordable, reliable SaaS solutions to more customers, particularly small-to-medium businesses, and will create new revenue opportunities for software vendors," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of SWsoft.  "This release of Plesk delivers greater flexibility with new options for e-commerce and e-mail protection, and further advances our OPEN FUSION initiative."

"The new APS-compliant version of Plesk with SSO technology will ensure that we continue to deliver customer-centric management systems that make it easy for our customers to control and manage their Alpha Red services, and cutting-edge applications to help our customers grow as their business grows," said Matt Barlow, chief technology officer, Alpha Red, INC.

New features in Plesk 8.2 include:

  • APS Standard Support -- Implements APS standard specification that enables software vendors to create "pluggable" applications, which can be delivered by any APS-compliant platform such as Plesk.
  • Single Sign-On -- Allows end-users to use multiple applications with a single login and password.
  • Sitebuilder 4.0 Integration -- Integrates with the latest release of SWsoft’s easy-to-use application to create and manage websites.
  • Plesk Anti-Virus Powered by Kaspersky Module -- Provides e-mail protection against malicious programs, including viruses, spyware, Trojans, Worms and keyloggers.  Available for the Linux/Unix and Windows platforms.
  • MIVA Merchant E-Commerce Module -- Provides tools for merchants to create and manage e-commerce sites on the Internet.  Available for the Linux/Unix and Windows platforms.
  • ColdFusion Management Interface -- Users can configure ColdFusion Data Sources for each domain.
  • CommuniGate Pro Support -- Adds an integrated platform for Store-and-Forward (e-mail, calendaring) and Real-Time (VoIP, Video, Instant Messaging, White Boards) Internet communications.
  • MyLittleAdmin Support -- Provides a web-based administration tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that enables users to easily view their SQL databases.

SWsoft Plesk is the leading multi-platform control panel designed to meet the needs of small to large hosting providers, resellers and end users.  With patented technology, the software is easy to use and automates a large number of tasks that allow service providers to reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

OPEN FUSION is an SWsoft technology initiative to improve integration among a wide range of systems, third-party applications and modules, and custom and in-house solutions.  The OPEN FUSION platform enables optimized delivery of SaaS and traditional hosting services to help independent software vendors (ISVs) and service providers take full advantage of new opportunities in the market.


Plesk 8.2 is available now for the Linux/Unix and Windows platforms from SWsoft and its partners worldwide.  Upgrades are available at no additional charge to existing customers with subscriptions or the SWsoft software update service.  For information, visit www.swsoft.com/en/products/plesk/.

About SWsoft

SWsoft is a global leader in virtualization and automation software that helps consumers, businesses, and service providers optimize their use of technology.  The company's software powers more than 130,000 servers and 500,000 desktops worldwide.  The SWsoft product line includes Virtuozzo - the leading operating system virtualization solution, Parallels - the leading desktop virtualization product, and Plesk - the leading server control panel.  Founded in 1999, the company has offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.  For more information, visit www.swsoft.com.

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